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Mrs.Emily 05-22-10 09:33 PM

Hey, I thought I'd start a new thread so that one doesn't get so long.
Tell us about the double stroller? DS will be 21 months when this baby gets here, so we're looking for one too. I really want to get one that our infant carrier's will fit in. We have two Graco snug ride carriers with 4 bases. DH is a firefighter and car seat technician. He insists that we just buy many bases so that people aren't moving them from car to car as that increases the risk of improper installation. We also have several convertible's for DS for the same reason. Anyway, started looking and there are some Graco doubles, but I don't LOVE them. I might just buy a really nice double umbrella with 5 point harness. I will probably "wear" the new baby in a moby wrap for the first few months anyway....

Ellie Bellie 05-28-10 02:10 PM

i won't be getting any new strollers ... i replaced mine when dd3 was little .... i will however need a new infant seat .... we had a peg perego primo viaggio but after 3 kids using it's done .... my full single is the baby jogger city mini single ... i will need to get the adapter for it to accomodate an infant seat ..... i have a silvercross micro umbrella stroller but that won't be used for a while w/the baby ..... we have a phil and ted's vibe double stroller ...... i will have to get an infant seat adapter for that one too unless we just have baby lay down w/the doubles kit on top ...... dd3 will be 2.5 by the time dc4 so we'll see how much strolling she'll do .... they all seem to outgrow strollers at different rates .... dd2 still likes the stroller at 4 yo ..... ;)

ita about carseats not being installed properly .... we just don't take our seats out ... we have two britaxes and one graco nautilus .... we'll have to do some wiggling around to see where all the seats will go but thank God for our minivan! :lol:

Mrs.Emily 05-28-10 10:25 PM

That's why we have so many carseats, we just leave them all where they are!!! I have a suburban so people can just move around them! LOL

Ellie Bellie 05-29-10 01:11 AM

lol, yeah it is better that way!

LAB 06-22-10 03:40 AM

I'm looking at getting the Combi side by side umbrella stroller and matching infant seat. The infant seat looks great and I love the weight and especially length limit on it. I don't have it in my hands yet, but by the specs my huge 13 month old would still fit in it! It really depends on torso depth though if he would actually fit! I don't need to worry about extra bases or anything like that as I don't ever have anyone else take my baby anywhere. With the girls we only had one car and now with so many, if my DH needs to take the kids anywhere alone he needs to have the van anyway. Not that I think that's ever happened :lol:

I'm not a huge fan of infant seats as there is no way I could carry one even with a smaller baby in it, but with the use of the stroller it might work. The stroller looks great though and I love that it can stand upright in the van! We're using this huge Graco single stroller right now that we got as a travel system 8 1/2 yrs ago. Infant seat is long since expired, but the stroller is still newish looking. Anyway, the thing is huge and takes up the entire back of the van, so I have to pack groceries around it and on top of it. Make sure to look for a stroller that you can get it to stand upright and have a small profile. We have a huge double jogging stroller too and while I love it, it also takes up the whole back of the van! Not good for day to day use! I'm thinking that I'll need a high weight infant seat as I want to put the baby in the very back seat of the van so the boys aren't side by side. I'll then switch them after Everett is 2 yrs old or hits the 35 lb rear facing limit and needs to be forward facing. I'd like to keep him rear facing as long as possible. If he keeps on his growth curve, we may make it to 2 yrs! He's a big kid!

I also have a sit and stand Baby Trend front/back double. The thing is as "small" as the Graco single, but weighs a ton. With my girls so close in age and Christine's love of the stroller, they outgrew it physically at the same time. We never used the sit and stand feature! Its an okay stroller, but the thing is very heavy and difficult to push. That said I pushed my girls as little ones all over the place in that thing as I didn't have access to a car during the day and had to take Christine to therapy appts where we walked with that beast through the snow during the winter with them bundled up inside!

I think the Combi side by side stroller will work for us for my set of boys. It seems quite usable as well as functional for our lifestyle and day to day trips. I'll still use the jogging stroller for around the neighborhood walks as well as if we go to an amusement park and want something rugged.

Laura :)