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i think i figured out the culprit for my m/s ... Print Version

Ellie Bellie 06-04-10 01:39 AM

i think i figured out the culprit for my m/s ...
.... my prenatals! i have been taking the same ones for years so i didn't even think to suspect them .... i took some vitamin b6 on thursday to see if it would help my intense m/s and i got so violently ill i couldn't take my prenatal that night .... friday i felt pretty good ... i didn't take my prenatal again .... sat i felt good ... so i thought i'd experiment the rest of the w/e and lo and behold ..... i feel pretty good! i didn't even take zofran today which is HUGE for me b/c my m/s w/the 3 girls was pretty bad .... in any case ... i talked w/my NP and she told me i could just take flinstones vites and folic acid supplements .... i picked up some gummi prenatals today at target ... my kids take the gummi vites for kids ... and they are super tasty! they are totally like candy ... lol .... and i still feel pretty good! i am totally praising God ... the last 2 wks were so crazy for me .... woohoo!!! just had to share! :switch: and if you're looking for a good vite, i totally rec the gummi prenates!

countrycutieluv 06-04-10 11:01 AM

Wonderful news. I know I can't take prenatals way too much iron. Makes me sicker then a dog,I actually loose them as they hit my tummy.
So glad your able to "enjoy" your pregnancy without m/s

Mrs.Emily 06-04-10 03:05 PM

Yay!! My m/s has been minimal this week. I even was able to cook supper last night! I still can't eat much, I get full really fast. But I haven't had to take phenergan or zofran since Sunday, and I haven't thrown up since Sunday night. ***knock on wood*** HAHA. Hopefully things will continue to get better! Of course, my experience has been that once one symptom disappears, another appears. All this week I've been getting lightheaded. It's HOT here (high 80's and 90's). I've been drinking TONS of water to try to increase blood volume. Hopefully, the lightheadedness won't last long!

Ellie Bellie 06-04-10 07:21 PM

i threw up early this morning but have been fine since ... so it's just hit or miss but overall i have been just so much better! i haven't taken zofran in 2 days now ........

glad you're feeling some relief too! hope the lightheadedness goes away ....

Mrs.Emily 06-05-10 11:06 AM

How many weeks are you now?