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Really Stressed.. Print Version

LennaG 08-09-16 01:52 AM

Really Stressed..
Im super stressed out. So Im 21+6 today (Aug 8, 2016).

However, for the past 10 weeks I've been dealing with a dilemma.
OK so..I had been sleeping with my ex boyfriend all of March. On the first of April (1-3rd) I slept with another guy, as being manipulated and emotionally forced to by my ex. Anyways, I took a first response and clear blue April 5th-7th and they were positive. I went to the clinic on the 8th of April and the test was very faint, but confirmed positive. They set me up for an ultrasound on May 3rd, which they measured me at 7weeks2days at a clinic...with a due date of Dec 18th.

Fast forward a few weeks, I went to my first OB appointment on June 8th. She asked me when my last period was, and I didn't remember, as I have irregular periods that can be off by a week or so. She ordered a dating scan the same day and I went, where I was measured at 13weeks1day..which is 5 days earlier then the last scan...with a due date of Dec 13th.

Anyways, so Im very young 19..recently moved back home after things went south with the ex. My family and everyone thinks the baby belongs to my ex. However, considering the guy I slept with April 1-3rd...Im just stressing out about who the father is. Thing is..the guy I slept with April 1-3rd was african american, while my ex is white. SO Im at the point where I don't know what to do. It's going to be very embarrassing if I have the baby and it turns out darker than me. While I am NOT racist at all, I just feel like it would be very embarrassing..considering the fact that everyone thinks its my ex's, which I've been telling myself it is because getting a positive test only 5 days after sex with the other guy is unheard of that early. This pregnancy has been so hard on me and my family already...and this has just been stressing me out from the beginning. Paternity tests aren't really an option, considering I don't want an invasive one and the two guys don't even live in the same state.

I dont need any negative comments or people saying Im a "****". This is really hard on me and I know I made mistakes.

Really would just like reassurance..