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  • soontobemama 04-12-15 | 10:29 PM
  • I am 22 years old, first time pregnancy, 39 weeks. Completely healthy other than this one problem that i have had my entire life. Ever since I was a baby I have not been able to control my bladder when I laugh. Almost every single time I laugh I wet my pants...its very embarassing...Throughout my life I have been very ashamed of this issue and honestly have tried to hide but as I have gotten older it continues to get worse. I know have to wear pads whenever I go anywhere where i think i will laugh otherwise i soak myself through my underwear. Most doctors think it is stress incontience. They say because I have trouble relaxing when I use the bathroom I do not empty my bladder all the way and have urine left over, hence why I have to use the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes. Naturally being pregnant it has just gotten worse. No one can give me a REAL HONEST answer on whether or not my problem will get worse if I have a vaginal delivery I would like to have a vaginal delivery but only if my problem is not gonna get way worse. Im already in pads I dont wanna be in diapers and I only have a week left. I have scheduled the C but the doc says it up to me....
  • lr24baby 04-20-15 | 11:52 PM
  • You know my doctor told me about a product that helps tighten your pelvic floor muscles. You could do a bunch of kegels as well. What has your doctor recommended? I wouldn't, personally, go for the C-Section unless you had to.
  • amberpragosa 06-15-15 | 08:42 AM
  • Just get a c-section. Your young and a natural birth may ruin you depending on the trauma. However, a natural birth can be safer for your child and you will have a better bonding experience because of the chemicals released during natural child birth. I guess you have to ask yourself which is more important to you.
  • Stemed83 08-23-16 | 06:10 AM
  • Yes. You should decide. Take a second opinion from an OB/GYN. Natural birth is always recommended but if you are not ready for it, go for a c section.
  • sonamgupta2107 09-21-17 | 01:25 AM
  • Hi dear. I have had a natural birth and a c/section. I was strongly encouraged to have a section second time around due to what happened during my first birth- also traumatic and horrible and took me a long time to get over- and my section was a wonderful experience compared to my natural. It was also easier to recover from physically and mentally. I was nervous on the day in the lead-up to the operation but the staff was excellent and the procedure went really well. I recovered very quickly from the operation and I think this had a lot to do with my positive frame of mind about the c/sect. I wasn't dreading it, in fact, I was relieved to not have to face the whole labor and birthing process after what happened the first time around! Having said this though, I could have opted for a natural birth had I wished to. I'm so glad I didn't though.
    I would suggest you that consultation is always good. You must consult with your gynecologist or midwife about the process you should use. You can take expert advice of lotus center too as it is very good in these kinds of pregnancy matters. To me, it was very important to have a positive birth experience for my second and one that was safe for me and my husband. A c/section was the answer for our smile. Also if you do decide to elect to have a c/s do your research and be well informed and as prepared as possible, this really helped me. C/sections seem to be surrounded with a lot of negativity but they can be just as wonderful (or in my case better!) than a natural birth. All the best and good luck with your birth and decision smile

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