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29 weeks scan shows dilated kidneys

29 weeks scan shows dilated kidneys

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  • Amieroberts 04-21-16 | 04:58 AM
  • Hi

    Looking for someone who may have had a similar experience to mine and can give me some advice/reassurance - hopefully!!!

    On my 20 week scan my baby had one dilated kidney, measuring at 10mm and the other a little too small measuring at 2.5mm. So yesterday, now 29 weeks, we had a check up and now kidneys are both dilated!!! One is 12mm and the other is 14mm. Going back for another scan at 34 weeks but I'm beside myself with worry! Consultant just told me not to worry as there is enough amniotic fluid and the bladder seems to be filling up and emptying itself, but how can I not worry? I'm not getting much information from her at all! Can anyone give me a little more insight into what it means and what I should expect?

    Thanks in advance! :-)
  • sonamgupta2107 09-21-17 | 01:31 AM
  • Hi dear. I’m going through the same thing. But I got real support from my husband and Lotus Center in Ukraine which is best in these matters. At my 18 week ultrasound, they found both kidneys were slightly dilated. They told me it was very normal in boys and scheduled me for an echo in 4 weeks. At my 20 week ultrasound, one of the kidneys had gone done and they were both about 4 something (don't exactly know the measurement. The specialist told me to not Google that most of the time this issue corrects itself before birth. Initially, at my 18-week anatomy scan, she did mention it was a soft market for Down syndrome. I've been really anxious and stressed and nervous all together but have managed to calm myself down ready all the feedback I have gotten here on the board. I too didn't have any other markers and my doctor isn't concerned at all. My echo is this Wednesday and I'm just so anxious but try and stay calm.
    I hope this reply helps and trust me it's more common than you think

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