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3-D & 4-D Ultrasounds

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  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 02-09-06 | 02:45 PM
  • Hello Lady,
    It's getting close to the 3rd tri for both of us. What is your due date? How are you doing so far. It's getting so exciting
    trying to figure out who our little ones will look like. I have my 3d-4d ultrasound set up for the 4th of Mar, I will be sure to update on how it goes. Hubby gave me a choice of the 3d photos or the newborn photos, I choose 3d, had it done w/ 1st child and she looks just like the pics, I will sneak the newborn photos out of him some way.
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 02-16-06 | 01:24 PM
  • Hey Trisha-Sorry it has taken so long to respond I was in Puerto Rico for a much needed vacation before Brianna arrives. I am due 5/19/06, so yeah it is getting closer. I feel her kicking and turning alot more now....not all the time. I am feeling pretty good except for the is really bad and I feel as if most of my weight gain is in my legs! but it is worth it, man your body goes thru some amazing out of control changes doesn't it? I have my Glucose test today, so I will be leaving here in a few minutes to get that done, yeah can't wait...
    What is your due date???? I am getting excited. I think I am going to sign up for the 3d u/s. I will probably go in the next 3 weeks, they say between 27-34 week, so that will put me right around 30, I can't wait, can you see hair and all???? that would be sooo cool....
    Talk to you soon, how are you feeling?
  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 02-16-06 | 05:19 PM
  • I am feeling huge
    all of a sudden I am humongus,the 3rd has me looking really fluffy, and the aches. I may have to stop running soon. But, I have to say I am loving every minute of it. My due date is 17 May, but I will hae a c-section so it may be 2wks earlier, especially since the baby is measuring a week a head. Doc says she is big and healthy.
    I had my glucose test last week, 103 so they said I am fine, happy and amazed, I was born 10lbs 11oz, so I just assumed GD was a part of my pregnancy heritage, but, 2 pregnancies have proven me wrong. Now I just have to watch out for preeclampsia.
    As far as the 3-d, I could tell my 1st daughter had lots of hair from the images, and the old wives tell of heartburn held true. I can't wait until Mar 4th to find out how this little one is doing.
    Hope you enjoyed your trip, I am so jealous. We are getting close
    . Hope your 3rd tri is the best lil momma.
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 02-17-06 | 10:45 AM
  • Trisha-
    I know what you mean about the aches, man my whole body aches, especially my wrists from the swelling and of course my cankles. My check up went well, passed the GTT, my sugar was 135 anything under 139 is considered normal, less thing to worry about, right! I only gained 5 lbs!! in 4 weeks was very happy about that especially after vacation. You are still running??? as in running on a treadmill or outside?? you go girl! I have tried walking the treadmill and all and I have to tell you my legs just hurt...but I do feel better after I do it....well, only 3 more months! I can't believe I am 27 weeks today, man it seems time is flying.
    We got the babies furniture in the house we just need to get it set up now...can't wait for that.
    So we are really close you have your c-section scheduled yet? you were a big baby huh? I have not had any heartburn so maybe our girl won't have much hair, I can't wait to get that u/s scheduled, I will let you know.
    Enjoyed the trip alot, thanks but glad to be back. 3rd trimester here we come! I am soo excited I can't stand it sometimes.
    Take care talk to you soon.
  • tichatte tichatte's Avatar 02-17-06 | 07:13 PM

    Congrats on passing the test, that's 1 hurdle covered
    . You are doing great in the weight department, I am loosing the battle, but w/ my last birth, I was 35lbs lighter when I left the hospital, had to stay 5 days. I am hoping the same happens this time around. I have to run on an indoor track, I am only able to do a mile though. I like running, it's just the pelvic pains I suffer, I can barely walk after I cool down
    . I haven't had my c-section scheduled, but will talk to my Dr. about it during my next appt. I will also be discussing the hernia repair that hopefully will take place at the same time, I just stoped doing abs 3wks ago, but the seperation is huge. Yah
    , I was really huge, my mom always reminded me of this when she wanted her way
    . I can't wait until we can compare 3-d ultrasounds. It's amazing how far we have come, 3rd tri, it's unbelievable, I know what you mean, sometimes when I glance myself waddling around past a mirror or I see my shadow, I just take a second and thank God for blessing us w/ another pregnancy, I never thought we would be able to have the 1st, let along a 2nd.
    Enjoying every second and savoring this pregnancy.
    Haven't set up a nursery this time, didn't use it last time, just setting up baby bed in room w/ her sister and seeing how things go
    . Can't wait for updates, it's great being so close in due dates, and chatting w/ you.

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