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anyone with endomytriosis

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  • BabyBump112308 09-10-08 | 11:41 AM
  • Hello.. I was wondering, on a pain scale, how labor compairs to the pain of endomytriosis. I have had that (as well as ovarian cysts) for most my adult life. I was diagnosed with cysts at 16 and then endo. at 23 (I will be 27 next month). I have a very low tolerance for pain, eerywhere but... that...region, I guess would be the best way to put it. I am so used to the severe pain that it is more annoying anymore than painful (dont get me wrong, it still hurts like a effin *****! but... if you have it, im sure you understand). I was really just wondering how the two compare. I have always been told that real contractions are compareable to the worst cramps times 100... But, the cramos I get, imo, are about a million times worse than that lol!!