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anyone scared of delivery??

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  • krankypuss 09-20-05 | 06:18 PM
  • HI all

    I am 24 weeks pregnant with my 6th child. I have had a wide range of labour experiences, not all of them good. I am terrified this time. I am truely sacred of what might happen. I have tried to explain my fears to the midwives and I feel like a fool now as they seem to think because I have had 6 kids that I shouldnt be scared and I absolutely must be suffering from depression..aarrrgggghhhh.I said to couldnt possibly be the 49 hours labours and the forceps could it????

    Anyway I just wanted to know if there is any other mothers on here who are worried about an impending birth or am I really being that irrational??

    thanks in advance for any replies


  • donann donann's Avatar 09-20-05 | 06:28 PM
  • OMG you are SOOOO NOT being irrational at all!!! Fear is totally normal, I have delivered 4 babies (2 stillborn, 2 live and all COMPLETELY different) and still freaked out at my last one too. Sure every delivery is different, but it is the fear of the unknown that these midwives and dr's need to understand. Just because you have been there before, whether it be once or 15 times, there is still a great amount of nerves and "what ifs" that go along with each and every one.

    I too had a forceps delivery with my first live son and it was NOT fun. Second son who is just over a year old now was complication free, other than the fact that I almost didn't make it to the hospital and that I was forced to do it naturally cuz I was 9.5 cm when I got to the hospital.....yikes!! lol

    You can come here and vent your frustrations and fears any time, we will always be supportive.

    Take care and congrats on your pregnancy!!!
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 09-20-05 | 08:07 PM

    I'm sorry that you had some unpleasant experiences with your some of your previous births. I don't think it's irrational at all to be scared. I'm sorry that your MWs are brushing aside your fears instead of talking with you about them.

    Congratulations on your pregnacy and hope you have a peaceful birth.
  • krankypuss 09-21-05 | 12:38 AM
  • Thanks so much for your replies. That's exactly what it is, fear of the unkown. I also am getting a lot of well meaning (??) advice from everyone who has a cousin or friend who had horror deliveries with their 6th child.

    It is nice to know that I am not being irrational and others have the same fear...gee getting to the hospital at 9.5cms is a bit close for comfort can see the upside to that though.

    thanks guys



  • jbelle jbelle's Avatar 03-06-06 | 05:38 PM
  • Hey this is my second baby and my first delivery went well and it was fast. I'm terrified of the unknown. I think its normal though. EAch day that passes (I'm 38 weeks along---beginning of March 06) I get more anxious!

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