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Attending prenatal classes

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  • HazelY 10-19-16 | 11:39 PM
  • Hey all, how many of you have attended prenatal education classes during your pregnancy. I have few friends who has and according to them it's really beneficial especially when it's your first. I also happened to read about the benefits of these classes and I am genuinely intrigued. I am thinking of joining a class.
    I had inquired a few places and I found one that
    at our home. I would probably sign up with them. Lets see.
  • DarlaSmallwood 04-22-17 | 06:14 AM
  • This is really great for the coming baby.
  • sonamgupta2107 09-21-17 | 01:16 AM
  • Hi dear. Frankly speaking, parental classes are good but if someone needs full expert advice he must see a good gynecologist. I went to Lotus Center of Ukraine and their tips were magical in my pregnancy. Parental classes will teach you many things like men get a fair idea about the stress that women go through when they are carrying. Eating healthy and on time, exercising and stretching must be a part of their everyday routine. Even if a gynecologist tells you the same, men can learn about them in depth at these classes. These classes are the perfect excuse to bond with your spouse. How do you find out if your wife is in labor? What can you do to ease her pain? What if the baby chokes on milk? Are you changing the nappy the right way? Your mind will be flooded with questions and searching the answer online may not be the best idea. These classes will give you first-hand training on what to do when her water breaks, how to ease her pain using alternative techniques and even help identify different signs of discomfort. More importantly, you can learn what not to do and say when she's writhing in pain. You must be happy to know that at most of these prenatal classes, you are not the only one who is attending it for the first time. Many first-time dads take up birthing lessons to be a hands-on parent. They are open to asking questions and are in fact, quite proud that they are acting as their wife's support system. There are others who might be forced to attend, but eventually develop a keen interest because they genuinely want to know everything about childbirth. These classes are a great way to get talking to other would-be dads. Hope it helps.

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