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broke again

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  • Sofiawest 09-18-17 | 01:38 PM
  • Hey ladies!
    I am new in this community. I have to share my infertility struggle. It was a long journey of around 4.5 years. I have been facing all the issue and it sucking all the energy out of me.
    Everything around was negative around me and I become so unconscious for a while. My journey was frustrating and I can’t able to share the things that I faced. It was all so uncomfortable and painful in life. I want to tell that it was hard.
    If you want to face infertility then you need to have lot of strengths and need to work on the things which you don’t like. Sometime you have to go through the trauma and sometime you need to face the rock bottom.
    I went through several surgeries and I went through several tests but all failed. I went through the cycle but it didn’t give me the positive results. I decided that I have to work on myself and need to go for the experts.
    After meeting the experts, I had gone through several IVF tests. I had big hope from it as many people got success out of it. But it also fails so I was searching online and I got this forum. I am not sure what I am looking for but your help means a lot for me.
  • RachelR99 01-21-18 | 05:43 PM
  • I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. I have a very close friend go through it. It is very heartbreaking. It causes stress and just alot of sadness. I know a person would want a child of their own. That’s why my close friend was suggested surrogacy and adoption. If you are looking for this, i hope you try. I’m sorry that you have to go through this. I wish you feel better. Take care, and look inti surrogacy or adoption for sure.
  • sara098 01-26-18 | 09:02 AM
  • Hi!I have been struggling with infertility for 5 years now, which is really weird because I was very regular my period arrived like clockwork! I have 3 beautiful children, 2 boys, and 1 girl. I think when I started smoking that's when my periods began to become irregular, I quit smoking 1 year and 6 1/2 months ago, and they're trying to regulate with the help of the ovulex I have taken.My hubby has no children of his own and I want very much to bear his child, but I can't seem to get pregnant! we've been trying for 3 years now and no luck, I had a positive ovulation test.I expected my period and it still hasn't arrived! I don't want to get excited and get a negative HPT again!Hope for good.
  • GigiH 03-22-18 | 02:10 PM
  • Hi, Sofiawest dear, and chin up now, would you? There are all sorts of miracles happening from time to time. It depends on what you consider a miracle. Is it that important to have a child come out from your own body? I mean, assisted conception has become very popular nowadays. Have you tried getting an appointment to discuss alternative options other than natural PG? You should search for surrogacy as well because it seems to be very successful. I can say so from experience.

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