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C-section question

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  • frogger773 frogger773's Avatar 11-18-04 | 03:41 PM
  • I am scheduled for a c-section on Dec 3rd. I really wanted to try a V-Bac, but they won't do them at the hospital in my town.
    I don't like the idea of having to drive very far, as anywhere else I could go is 1 hour away at least. I am scared to go through labor again and then not have success, ending in a c-section anyway.

    Anyone have any success stories for V-Bacs?? I have heard a few but the more the better, or any advice.
  • savannah33 savannah33's Avatar 11-18-04 | 03:43 PM
  • I don't have any VBAC experience. All 3 of my kids will be c-section.

    I will say that from hearing others and my experience it's totally different when you know you're having a c-section and it's 100% planned verses going through labor then having a section so you may find that if you do the section it will not be bad.
  • frogger773 frogger773's Avatar 11-18-04 | 05:15 PM
  • I have been told that this time around should be alot easier, since I will not labor for 2 days before having the section. I know exactly what to expect and recovering should be easier.. I hope so.
  • pixiewings76 pixiewings76's Avatar 11-18-04 | 08:15 PM
  • I had my 2nd c-section in July. It was a lot easier than the 1st. It was planned and to me the recovery was easier. I don't know if its just because I knew what to expect or if it was because I knew my limits as to what I could do and couldn't do to keep from hurting. Savannah is also right about going through with trying to do a V-BAC and ending up having to do an emergency c-section anyways. It is so rushed and it ended up scareing me more. Because they couldn't take the time to explain what was going on. I hope everything turns out alright.
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 11-20-04 | 12:51 AM
  • My sil has had 2 very successful vbac's. In fact they induced her one of the births. Her first C-sect was emergency and she was a mess afterwards. She loved her vbacs and wouldn't want it any other way. She had no pain meds in either delivery and they were relatively quick and with a quick recovery.

    That being said, my planned c-section was great, and I am very happy to be having another planned c-section. I am not one for natural childbirth or my personal statistics of having to end up with one any way.

    It really should be a choice between you and your docter. Ideally a trial labor would be great as then you and your doc could decide to go section. It is a pity your hospital can't accomadate. I guess with OB malpractice rates what they are it isn't surprising though.

    Have a healthy happy delivery no matter which way the munchkin arrives.

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