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Calling All IVF Grads............

Calling All IVF Grads............

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  • jjello 01-27-06 | 02:01 PM
  • Hi guys,

    Well I followed y'all all over here, but I have to say I kinda disagree about the board split....Glinda I totally respect where you're coming from and really appreciate your worry about possibly scaring people away from the TTC/IVF board, but....well, it's kind of hard to explain. I think what makes the other board work (in addition to all the fabulous contributors!) is the continuity of women cycling, getting either a BFP or a BFN, and continuing to support and celebrate with one another, pg or not. I think that's why we all got to "know" one another so well.

    I'm one of the BFNs, and yes, it's painful sometimes wishing I was one of the pregnants among you, but you also gave (and continue to give!) me an incredible amount of hope, and helped me keep an eye on the prize. I wouldn't be as interested if the board was only about the ups and downs of cycling. After all, that process totally sucks! (and gets boring too) Also, I normally wouldn't join in on a board that was only pregnant women, because I'm not one. Of course I'll stick around because I adore you guys, but another part of me thinks, well, I'm not an IVF grad, and it actually kind of increases the divide between being pg and not.

    Lastly, and this may sound trivial, but time is a factor. I know I already spend way too much time here, (!) but it's important to me to keep up with what everyone's going through and to respond in turn, and now I'll have TWO boards to check, LOL!

    OK, I've gabbed enough. I'm often out of step with all kinds of things, and this just might be one of them, so I respect whatever direction the majority of the board wants to take. Also, I'll post a copy of this to the other board in case some others haven't made the leap.

    Hope you're all well,
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 01-27-06 | 02:42 PM
  • Julie,

    My intention was to use this board as an anything goes board, be it about IVF, pg or babies (or fashion or a crappy day at the office) so we don't split the group up. It was never intended to use as a division of pg and non-pg (or parent). I once asked about moving on and the concensus was "no". No one seemed to object so we continued. What I didn't know was that someone wasn't comfortable with that. While the majority may want to continue on the IVF board, the feelings of one must be respected as that is an IVF board, not a pg board. And if one person feels uncomfortable then there are probably others who feel the same way but haven't contacted me. It may also be a turn off to a first timer.

    I was just trying to find a way to be fair to all.

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