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Dental braces during pregnancy

Dental braces during pregnancy

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  • Stemed83 08-23-16 | 06:59 AM
  • Hey. I am due on December. I am perfectly okay except some pregnancy issues like leg cramps and mood swings. I am planning to wear a six month braces (
    ) and booked an appointment with my orthodontist in Houston. Will there be any issues if I wear braces during the pregnancy time? I have heard that it is the least invasive dental procedure. A friend of mine said that she had her braces during her pregnancy and she never faced any issues. I just want to make sure whether it is safe.

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  • g4408380 09-11-17 | 01:17 PM
  • Hi dear. I had my braces on during my second pregnancy and it was tough – simply because I suffered from what is apparently a common problem among pregnant women where you constantly have a bad, slightly metallic taste in your mouth and my gums were quite weak. I also had borderline hyper emesis which contributed to the never-ending yucky taste in the mouth! I had private dental care so was lucky enough to be able to see a hygienist regularly for regular cleans. It did feel pain and I did remember wondering if the baby was also feeling it! If you could, do get the braces fitted and settled in before the pregnancy so that you have time to adjust. It took me a while to adjust to my braces and there were times that I really did hate it. If there’s no rush and you’ve waited this long, maybe think about having your second baby and then do the braces later? Other than that you can consult your gynecologist, I consulted with mine who belongs to Ukraine and his tips helped me a lot.
  • Cheyenne123 09-14-17 | 04:29 AM
  • Hi, I was pregnant last year. Before my pregnancy, I wore dental Braces. I know that orthodontic treatment takes time. I asked my doctor and my dentist. They confirmed that basic orthodontic treatment doesn’t put any stress on a developing fetus. It’s totally safe to continue with an established treatment plan during pregnancy.
  • Paityn 09-14-17 | 04:40 AM
  • Don’t annoy my dear. Braces or Invisalign can even be put on during pregnancy, as long as all x-rays and scans were completed before conception. I read some researchers say “X-rays are safe during pregnancy, but this is still a debated topic. In the interest of safety, it’s best to avoid x-rays unless the medical benefit outweighs the potential risk”. My doctor said that many types of medication are unsafe for use during pregnancy. Having orthodontic devices put on or adjusted generally doesn’t require any anesthesia or other medication, so this is perfectly safe during pregnancy. So I recommended dental Braces .It’s not dangerous.
  • sonamgupta2107 09-20-17 | 12:06 PM
  • Hi dear. I am happy that you are asking the question on a renowned public forum and I am sure you will get the perfect answer. I don't think you mentioned if you have any amalgams or not. The primary issue with braces is when you also have amalgams in place. Having dissimilar metals touch in your mouth will cause the amalgam to dissolve, releasing more mercury into your body. This can also happen with crowns or bridges, not only braces. I also believe saliva can act as a conductor, so the metals don't necessarily have to be touching. My personal hx, before I understood the real danger of amalgams, included having braces with a mouth full of 'silver' fillings. I had the ceramic kind, but the back anchor brackets were stainless, I believe, and certainly, the wire was metal. I was TTC the entire time I had the braces on (~2 yrs) and did not conceive until 2-3 months after the braces came off. We are currently dealing with mercury toxicity. My toxicity is chronic, so I don't know how much of a direct impact the braces had. I was freaking out that I would have to have metal in my mouth forever cause I hate metals even near my body. But then I found out there is some new product- plastic based? I don't know what it is, but it is nonmetal. But now I will have to have this permanently in my mouth. Or I can use it as a removable but that would be a big thing up against my palate every night that I sleep which would drive me nuts. I will suggest Lotus Clinic in Ukraine in any problem of pregnancy if you face as it helped a lot in mine.

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