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Do you feel different?

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  • Celia_M 05-10-05 | 01:28 PM
  • Congratulations again on your little one!

    It's funny hearing you saying about it sinking in etc. Close family that knew we'd had Ivf and had a positive first beta found it hard to understand why we wanted to wait until at least until after the second 8wk scan & weren't rushing to tell the world then and there. I know my mum & mil found our caution to tell others early on who hadn't known frustrating and hard to understand.
    Mum brought me up with the maxim that "Everything happens for a reason - you just may not be able to understand that reason until later."
    I know IF has brought dh and I much closer together than I'd have thought possible, despite having always had a strong relationship we definitely value & understand each other better. It's reaffirmed what a wonderful family network we have. Seen us move finally to the area that one of our families lives - something we'd always said we'd do "one day". Our child will now benefit from that lack of distance, from having a grandma & grandpa within 10mins, cousins within an hours drive.. and this is just for starters - I'm sure in time I'll understand more about why we had to come this journey too.
    I really hope I never unlearn the lesson of "things best not said to fill a conversation". I've sworn never to ask such questions again myself and I really hope I stick to that! It's changed my outlook and way of responding to others I'm sure for the better.
    I never thought I'd put myself through IVF, or cope with it anything like as well as I feel I did. I've learnt a lot about myself during this journey, I know it's made me more resilient and patient, I hope that it's made me a better and more understanding person.

    P.s The parenting after infertility book I ordered finally came through - they must have had to get me a copy from their USA branch. (
    ) couldn't put it down. My ACeBabes (
    ) membership also came through and I'm really looking forward to getting involved in their events!

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