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  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 11-10-04 | 04:59 AM
  • Is anyone here planning on using a Doula? Where did you find her? How much does she charge?
  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 11-12-04 | 03:28 AM
  • I plan on using a doula. she is a good friend. we barter services so I don't really know what her rates are
    she is a member of the
    . they have a listing of their members on that site. be sure to check out this article
  • tarziesgirl tarziesgirl's Avatar 11-12-04 | 06:56 PM
  • I absolutely plan on using a doula! I needed one last time I gave birth and didn't have one and couldn't afford one. So, this time I'm planning way in advance and found someone who is very close and is going to charge $300 for a couple of prenatal visits, once labor starts being there continuously until birth, staying with us until I'm stable and comfortable, and at least one postpartum visit. The lady I chose also said she'll be getting in her hours for postpartum care certification and offered me free postpartum care. I found this especially attractive since I had PPD with first son. Overall, I feel it will be a great value for the money.

    Now, how I found all of the doulas I interviewed/emailed was online. I was searching for doulas online and found a site called Doula Network. Here is a link:


    From that page you click on the area you live in and it shows you all of the doula services listed in your area. That was the way I found the lady I plan on using, but the local midwife also has resources for doula connections here.