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first steps

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  • bina jay 02-18-18 | 11:49 AM
  • Hello girls. How is everyone doing? Today is one of the happiest days of my life so I thought of sharing it with you guys. So my son is finally walking. I’m so happy. He has already gotten such a pro at it. He maintains the balance and before I know it I think he will be running around every where. He is growing up so fast. Moments like these are a great deal for the mother. Im sure you all know and relate to what im talking about.
  • GigiH 03-22-18 | 02:09 PM
  • Hey bina jay, what's up? Congratulations on your baby's first steps! Indeed, he will be walking all over the place very soon. My daughter had her first steps just two days ago. It was heaven watching her go. It amazes me how much beauty one moment can hold. They grow up so fast. It seems just like yesterday when I got her from the clinic. She is a surrogate-born baby. DH and I had flown to meet the surrogate mother during her last month with our baby. It was such an amazing time. The first time we held her seems just so recent, and now she's walking. I'm so happy for you. I'm sure you must be feeling the same for your baby boy, too. We should share their video clips of running around too when they do.