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Have a Hugh uterus

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  • chef_mandy 03-25-11 | 07:11 PM
  • Hi everyone!! I haven't been on here for awhile. My DH and I have been TTC #2 for almost a year (April will have been a year). We have had many stressful situations over the last year, but I finally missed my period in March!! YaY! Took an at home pregnancy test and it read that I was PREGNANT!!

    My question for anyone who can give me some information is: We went to the doc to make sure I was pregnant and not just missed a period. He did a pelvic exam and said he is pretty confident that I am
    Scheduled me for some blood work which was a Prenatal screen bloodwork. No preg. test. So I am assuming that this means I am pregnant.

    While he was doing my exam he said my uterus was really high, just under my belly button. He also asked me if we had ever talked about having a fibroid before. I had just had my annual exam in November and nothing was mentioned of this. So now I have been wondering if this is normal? I don't know what to think.

    He also scheduled us an appointment for the 1st of April. He said we will listen to the hearbeat and also have an ultrasound with lamps. When I had my first son, I didn't have an ultrasound until around 5 months.....I didn't think that they could really see anything this early. Does this mean he is looking for something else?

    Any advice is welcome!!
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 03-28-11 | 01:29 AM
  • Congrats! I am not sure what an ultrasound with lamps is....but they did a transvaginal ultrasound on me at 7 weeks. They can see the fetus and a tiny blinking light that is the heartbeat.

    I don't know much about the other stuff either, lol, but hoprefully it is nothing to be worried about!
Thank you MrsS1stbaby!
chef_mandy (03-28-11)
  • chef_mandy 03-28-11 | 02:04 PM
  • I am thinking it is on the same lines as what you had done. I am excited but also nervous because this part is new to me!

    We had been trying for almost a year and nothing! We said we would not take any fertility treatments either. Twins run on both sides of the family and I am the only one in my family that didn't want twins...and my husband doesn't want twins either.

    I am not sure about the lamps either but I will let you know after Friday!!