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  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 01-27-06 | 12:51 PM
  • I am having a melt down. I am sooo irritated, I can barely stand myself, please tell me this is normal. Work is frustrating me, so much today I have to leave at 4 pm, I feel like I am on edge all the time, then I cry.

    I am sure it is the pregnancy as I have no control. Please help me....I already had a massage this week, so I am sure it is not that.
    Thanks ladies.

    Oh and Trisha congrats on the baby girl! Glad to see you are back.
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 01-27-06 | 01:08 PM
  • You are soooooo normal. It's the hormones, babe. I once had a meltdown at my ob appointment. I think I scared her because she asked me "if I wanted to see someone?". Once she reassured me that my babies were alive (I couldn't function unless I saw the heartbeats), I calmed down.

    I'm going to let you all know now that if you think this is bad, wait until you give birth. Your hormones will go topsy turvy as they come down. I was crying during commercials. I was so scared of PPD. While I didn't have PPD, it's normal to go through the blues with all that has been going on inside.

    Leave work early. Hey, it's a Friday. Relax over the weekend. We'll be here if you need us.
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 01-27-06 | 02:38 PM
  • Thanks Glinda, man I just feel like the exorcist has taken over, seriously...I just get sooo upset, then after I get sooo upset I cry, cuz I was like what the hell! I just hope the baby doesn't feel my stress as much as I carry on...reading all those books they say try to be calm because the baby can tell when you are stress! I'm worried, I am ruining my baby, ALREADY and she is not here yet. But thanks for the reassurance. I was wondering what it was going to be like after the birth, but I am hoping like you, I don't get PPD, that would suck especially w/ cankles for 5 months, I swear I have never seen anything like legs are huge. But the Dr. said it was normal, protein and bp were fine. I got for the GTT in 3 weeks, yippie. Do you think some of the weight gain I have had is due to the fluid I am carrying in my legs? this is depressing too, I am suppose to go to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks, last vacation before baby, and I may have to wear pants....I am sorry I am rambling, I have never or never wanted to be one to complain, but this is not my body.

    But yeah I am going to leave early, plop on the couch, get the feet up, maybe take a little nappie bofore dh comes home. I will relax, thanks for understanding, I was just loosing it today.

    Last edited by JagsAli; 01-27-06 at 02:45 PM..
  • glinda glinda's Avatar 01-27-06 | 02:53 PM
  • My ankles kind of just blended into my feet. I had these huge blobs. I was buying new shoes every week. I finally gave up and wore thongs. Even while miserable, I did manage to shove in a few pedicures. I didn't want my elephantitis ankles to be the first things the babies saw. Could you imagine their look of horror? They probably would have tried to climb back in

    My protein didn't start going up until the end of the pg. They almost took the babies out before my scheduled c-section. Fortunately, it was just the stupid nurse. When they re-tested my urine there was only trace amounts of protein not the skyrocketing number she came up with.

    So wear pants in Puerto Rico. I have no clue when I'm ever going to go on vacation again. Enjoy it. I may be fantasizing about the Caribbean but I'm sure I'll be ending up at Disney.
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 01-27-06 | 03:33 PM
  • Thanks Glinda I really appreciate your insight and glad not to be the only one experiencing this. I try to squeeze in the pedicures too, I feel the same about the baby or anyone for that matter looking at my ankles and feet. I am still trying to squeeze into my regular shoes, clogs mainly, some days are better than others. I did go to Payless and buy a couple pair of 10 W, but I can see where you would need to get new shoes every week, man it stinks.

    So what really does the protein in the urine indicate? that you are not getting rid of sugars?? or what, not quite sure I understand that part. What did the stupid nurse do? just read the stick wrong or something? nothing like stressing you out more huh?

    I will wear pants, but I do want to go swimming I will just suck it up, my poor dh doesn't mind, so I guess I shouldn't either. I will go and get some thongs though for me feet, hehehe. I figured this was our last vacation for a while, but I am really looking forward to the Disney trips already!! can't wait.

    Thanks for cheering me up today w/ a laugh and just being there. It is tough sometimes but would not change it for the world, it is only temporary.

    Any word from Leslie?

    Take care and thanks again.

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