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  • Celia_M 01-27-06 | 04:42 PM
  • Alison it's TOTALLY Normal to feel like this!! And DON'T worry about the effect on your baby! I had many days where I went into meltdown and would ball my eyes out for one reason or another, or would feel so tense and get really cross over stuff. But it worked out just fine and Katie is the most placid, contended Smiley baby you could imagine! (Unless she gets too tired or windy!) I was also scared about PPD, but seem to have escaped it too luckily.
    And yes, about 2-5 days post birth you'll be hit with the blues, it's normal, it's the crazy swing of hormones as your body starts to adjust to no longer being pg. Dh thought I'd gone nuts even though mum had warned him Repeatedly it was coming! So give those around you advanced warning..

    I also had Huge legs whilst pg, still do, although they are at least legshaped again now
    . For some reason that's where I seem to gain weight
    My legs were like "treetrunks" as my loving dh so kindly told me. I'm much more rounded and "womanly" post birth, and y'know what... when we were going through my clothes recently sorting out the pre-pg ones dh was horrified by how much smaller I was pre-ivf and kept telling me how much he prefers my new and more cuddly figure, and he was being sincere! So weight gain really isn't always the disaster we're conditioned to think it is
    I lost a huge amount of weight immediately post birth, but I've now plateaud, seems I'm one of the lucky women for whom b'feeding doesn't equal an immediate return to pre-pg figure ticket. (Or it may be I'm just using the b'feeding as an excuse to indulge in the odd biscuit etc
    Protein in urine is an indication of pre-eclampsia.
    I went to ante-natal aqua-aerobics for the last 10wks of my pg, being in the water was Great for cooling down and taking the weight off my legs and back! And once you're in the water no-one can see your legs..

    I hope you get some rest and have a Wonderful holiday!

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  • Missy M 01-27-06 | 05:32 PM
  • Allison....I totally have days when I just melt down for no reason. My dh gets frustrated with me, but you know is all worth it
    I'm glad you are off early today. Go home and relax and have a nice weekend. As far as the are not going to know anyone there, so enjoy yourself and wear shorts, bathing suit, whatever makes you comfy. Who cares if you have swollen legs. Atleast you know that you have a beautiful baby growing inside you and the legs are temporary. Mine are swollen also and I know it sucks and isn't real attractive, but they are for a good reason. Have fun and don't worry about what you think you look like
  • JagsAli JagsAli's Avatar 01-29-06 | 10:10 AM
  • Thanks ladies-
    I am doing much better today, acutally did much better when I got home Friday. But here it is Sunday and trying to gear up for another week of work. I just hope that I have a better week, I tell myself before I go to work, ok, just breathe and try to not let things get to you and them boom in 15 minutes it is blown, oh well, not much longer now. Yippie. I start the 3rd trimester the end of next week, so I am sure I will just get more irritated. Anyhow, like you said Missy I will just wear my shorts, bathing suit...dh says, it doesn't matter. You are prego and you are swollen, so who is just hard trying to be romantic when you legs look like a trunk! But as long as he is fine, I am fine. Thanks for all you help and I do feel better. I know I am not in control of my emotions and I just have to go w/ it, knowing I am not hurting my baby. Take care, I am sure I will be talking to you ladies soon.
    Love Allison

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