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help finding conception date

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  • sunshine92 08-19-10 | 07:16 PM
  • Hi everyone! Just confirmed my pregnancy couple weeks ago and I'm confused.They said i was 8 wks on the 28th of July and I don't understand I had sex with my ex on June 4th and someone else before June 4th and around the middle of June. When did I get pregnant and is it more likely that my ex is the father from us having sex June 4th?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 08-19-10 | 08:45 PM

    Welcome to TBC and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    If you were 8 weeks exactly on July 28th and you have "regular" cycles (meaning you ovulate on or around day 14), then you likely conceived around June 16.

    The counting of "weeks" during pregnancy actually starts on the first day of your last period. Dating back eight weeks from July 28 would be about June 2 so this is when your last period would have started. Given that, you would have ovulated two weeks after that date, so around June 16.

    NOW--you could have "odd" cycles OR the dating could have been wrong (did they date your pregnancy from blood work or an ultrasound?).

    But, provided you have "regular" cycles, I would guess that your ex is not the father and it's likely that you conceived in the middle of June, making the other person the father.

    Best of luck to you. Make your way over to the due date boards and chat with the other ladies due around the same time as you.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 08-19-10 | 09:03 PM
  • You can't beat Dopey for getting right to the good info!!!

    Welcome and good luck!!!
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 08-19-10 | 09:31 PM
  • Well said Deanna!!!

    Welcome to the Baby Corner! Congrats on your pregnancy! Please stick around! There is alot of women here with lots of answers and lots of support. Head over to the dd boards and join in.
  • rudolphia rudolphia's Avatar 08-19-10 | 10:57 PM

    Deanna's got it right on the money. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and jump right in here.