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  • tarziesgirl tarziesgirl's Avatar 11-04-04 | 06:08 PM
  • Well, since I don't have a clue about the behind the scenes here I don't know how long it takes to approve a new board or add it on. I'm due in April so hopefully it won't take that long.

  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 11-05-04 | 03:55 PM
  • Well, we may as well talk about it here in the meantime. I saw some videos at my Bradley class late in my pg about waterbirths and I decided I want to do that. The ladies on the video were free to do anything they felt like and were unrestrictded by hospital policies. We talked with the M/W who owned the waterbirth center. It looked very homey and comfortable. They also do home waterbirths. Unfortunately it was too late to arrange things for that pg, so I'm planning on it with the next one. I would have liked to have less hospital intervention. I did get to labor for a few hours in a tub at the hospital and it was wonderful. I wish that I could have had the baby in there.
    Have you talked to a Midwife about your home birth? Will you have your family there? Is there a specific reason your sister thinks you can't have one? How did your first birth go?

    Sorry if I'm being nosey. Just wanted to get some discussion going.
  • tarziesgirl tarziesgirl's Avatar 11-05-04 | 04:42 PM
  • Hi Heather, don't worry about the questions. I don't mind answering them at all. I talked with a midwife in Altmonte, which is a good distance from where I live. She will be doing the homebirth. I figured the drive for the prenatal appointments will be made up for having the birth at home. She said that I could have a waterbirth if I wanted. Pretty much I could do whatever I wanted, even push on the toilet as long as they could monitor my progress. I was really reluctant to even tell my family, especially my mom. My mom is a nurse and I figured she was going to give me a hard time because of her background. Not to mention the fact that she said that my baby was going to have lots of rashes when I told her that I was planning on cloth diapering this one.

    My first birth was totally unmedicated. I spent my labor in the shower at the hospital because there are no tubs. I managed to push him out in about 15 minutes with an episiotomy I totally refused to have, but that's a hospital birth for you. After the birth my blood pressure crashed because it had been elevated prior to delivery so I didn't feel so hot afterward. I also bleed quite a bit after the birth and had to have pitocin shots and a pill to help. They also heavily massaged my uterus as it wasn't shrinking like it should.

    The bleeding was why I thought I couldn't have a homebirth and that's why my sister said I could never have one. I talked with my midwife about the bleeding and she said if I needed it she has pitocin and methergin to give me. She also said that pulling out the placenta before its really ready to come out can also affect how much you bleed afterward. She also said that they'll let the cord quit pulsing before clamping or cutting. I'm really happy about the possibility of having a homebirth. I am preparing myself for any situation that might make us have to transfer, but she said that there were very few things that called for that.

    Another one of the main reasons that I wanted to have a homebirth is the fact that I had PPD for 2 years after my son's birth. With a homebirth I am much less likely to have that. My son also has asthma and I don't have anyone I can trust to leave him with. So, being in the hospital for 2 or 3 days wasn't all that appealing. You also don't need to be stressing about things like that while in labor. Being at home means that if he needs treatment he can have it as usual. He can also play and do what he wants instead of sitting in an uncomfortable waiting room. It really makes me wish I could have done my first birth at home. I probably wouldn't have gotten PPD if I had. I just have to remain low risk to have this one at home. So, I have to pray for that.
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 11-05-04 | 05:30 PM
  • I'd heard that about not pulling on the cord preventing excessive bleeding. I was thinking about that while they were yanking on my cord. They gave me a shot of oxytocin before there was even any danger of me bleeding. I think it's SOP at that hospital. I would have rather just let the placenta just deliver naturally and breast fed to stimulate my uterus to contract. I found
    about home birth. I'm especially interested about the part of perineal outcomes in a homebirth setting. 69.5% of women having homebirths had an intact perineum.
    I didn't have an episiotomy but I had a first degree tear.