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How are our Mommies doing?

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  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 09-11-04 | 11:03 PM
  • I am swelling up like a water balloon in my feet and ankles. It doesn't hurt or anything, but is fairly extreme for this point (24+ wks). I'm a teacher and with school starting staying off my feet during the day is impossible. DH and I are looking for new house and want to be in before baby/Christmas, so the stress is on. In the big picture, life is good. Baby is healthy and moves a ton and prenatal yoga starts in 3 days.
  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 09-14-04 | 02:31 AM
  • glad that everyone is doing so well and in such good spirits. baby's movement is stronger. having very mixed emotions about having another baby so soon, but at my age just extremely thankful that I conceived and made it through this far. dh is very excited and has bought several baby girl outfits. been trying to stay busy so I don't have time to think about friday's u/s.
  • Cracker_Jac Cracker_Jac's Avatar 09-14-04 | 05:44 AM
  • Well poopers. I made a post yesterday to each an everyone of you. Somehow it did not make it!

    Tammy, I think Robert is a great name! The second trimester was my favorite time, esp after each ob appointment. I would be on such a high with all the great news. It's nice to see how much you are enjoying it!
    on the weight gain! You are doing awesome.

    Paige, Sorry about the glucose testing. I had a hard time with those. Ohh a baby shower!! I hope you get a ton of goodies for your little girl to arrive!

    MomofTwo, YEAH!! We have a TP contestant!! 10 squares is GREAT! Wow!! You have only a month to go until you meet your little one!! Are you all prepared?

    Kelly, It seems so hard to believe that you are 23 weeks already! MY Lord, it feels like you just came aboard here!
    The time goes fast, no? A lot of people say that a girl will make you gain more weight. Not sure if that holds true, but
    who knows! Any ideas or thoughts about nursery colors? Sometime that helps get things moving.

    Sarah, I hope you get your house soon!! Don't let it cause too much stress on you. I had some edema when I was pregant, but only my feet. I can still remember hearing the water squish as I walked. I was in complete shock! I hope it subsides for you soon.

    It is just great seeing you pregant again. What a sweet DH you have there! I wish my hubby would buy gifts! I hope your U/s is awesome on Friday.
  • MomofTwo MomofTwo's Avatar 09-14-04 | 11:30 AM
  • Tammiane glad teh headaches are gone
    I am glad you can start to relax now
    I totally understand that point. I am finally there hope I can stay there. Robert is a GREAT name we have my dad and DHs brothers name as that and 3 MN with it in it

    Paige I know the hurting feeling
    it's funny you actually forget about taht. It only hurts wehn I get jabbed and then she turns it. I would be shocked if I didn't have bruises on the inside. What date is your shower? not much longer for you to go
    when do you start your 2 week appts?

    Kelly half way there
    25 pounds isn't bad. I have heard of people gaing more then that
    does your dr. seem worried?? It'll be here soon and if you don't get the nursery decorated till afterwards she won't care
    take your time and decide on what you want. no worries

    Sarah sorry about the swelling. Do you have some good shoes to wear? Can you have the kids do the getting up and down for you
    Someone told me (not for sure if it's true, since I was always told the oppisite) that you should salt your food to taste and that'll help with swelling. (still haven't decided to try it thoguh)

    Brenda my two oldest are only 13 months and 3 weeks apart and I LOVE it. It was hard at 1st, but it is SO nice now. Thinking PINK for you for Friday
    Can't wait to hear about it.

    Jacqui TP contest never heard of it. I still am shocked that it is only 10. it started off at like 9 in a quater or 9 1/2. I am ready and prepared as long as she waits till her csection date and not before. DH kept telling me last night I better make plans for her to come early. NO WAY can't I have everything planned already and babysitters and stuff. If she comes early I am in big trouble, but then again DH was born a day late adn Mix was really pushed and pulled out at 10 days early. This one is only 7 days early.