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Husband sprayed insecticide without telling me - will baby be OK?

Husband sprayed insecticide without telling me - will baby be OK?

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  • Lady Q 02-20-08 | 03:21 PM
  • Hope I'm worried over nothing...

    Given my pregnancy (I'm a little over 15 weeks along) and doctor's advice, I have NOT had our pest control service over to treat house (they spray a few times a year typically). I also told my husband (several times) that doctor advised me not to have ANY insecticide in any form applied to or in the house by the company or by us personally.

    Today, my husband sprayed ant spray in the laundry room without telling me (!!!) I only discovered this when I went to check on the clothes (older not-so-efficient dryer; clothes don't always dry completely 1st time) and the fumes were very apparent. When I went back to take clothes out of dryer after additional cycle, I tried not to breathe in but I know I did to some extent (both times I was in the room).

    Husband claims it wasn't near where the machines are but it smelled VERY strong (and he's quite often lied about doing careless things before, to avoid being "wrong", I suppose) so it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he sprayed right next to the machines. He also added that he sprayed yesterday too (?) I'm just glad I didn't go in the room then as well!

    Further, my husband is rather unconcerned about the pregnancy in general (even given previous miscarriages & episodes with preterm labor & the fact that I'm "high risk") and seems to think that his opinion of the "baby will be fine" trumps the advice that the doctors gave me of avoid insecticide in any form whatsoever.

    Is my baby safe? Would appreciate any advice on this - thanks so much! Regards, Lady Q
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 02-20-08 | 03:36 PM
  • I'm sure that since your contact with it was minimum that you'll be okay. If you're really concerned though it can't hurt to call your doctor, just to hear it from him/her. (hug)
  • Lady Q 03-18-08 | 11:45 PM
  • My apologies for not answering this before; am a bit forgetful these days! I appreciated your post, since my doctor's office isn't much on reassurance to say the least.

    There is another issue with the baby which I will put in another post. Hopefully someone has heard about it, involving AFP3 tests.

    Many thanks,

    Lady Q

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