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  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 12-14-04 | 09:54 PM
  • you spotted but still had a successful pg

    I have some questions...
    1. How far along were you when you started spotting and how long did you spot?
    2. How much did you spotting (quantity)?
    3. What color?

    I am 6weeks today, I started spotting yesterday. It was only in the morning and it was only a tiny bit on the tp. I went to the doc and if you read my other post you know what happened. I didn't spot the rest of the day and was feeling pretty good about things. I got up this morning and had spotting again. This time there was more about the size of your pinky on the tp and darker in color. Again it tapered off to just a slight tint of my cm for the rest of the day. I went to work and was on my feet most of the day and nothing more. I have an u/s tomorrow and hopefully will get to see a heartbeat. I am trying to stay positive but I am scared to death.
  • Linda Linda's Avatar 12-15-04 | 12:32 AM
  • oh Melanie I hope you get to see a hb!

    I spotted w/this pregnancy that's why I was immediatly put on disability. I would do it off and on more when I walked alot or picked up Lilli. when I started to spot I'd say it was like a very light period....and I'd freak out. but look now 35+ weeks.

    try not to worry too much....I know like that's even possible.
    Please let us know how your U/S goes. where are you gonna have it done?
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-15-04 | 01:59 AM
  • I have delivered 10 term babies (or close to term) and have spotted with EVERY pg. It started as early as 5 or 6 weeks and continued until I was almost 5 months with one. When I was pg with my 3rd son I had HEAVY bleeding, not just spotting for a full MONTH. He was fine.
  • eek01 eek01's Avatar 12-15-04 | 12:03 PM
  • I dont know if this helps but I started spotting at 6 weeks, and bled my enitre pregnancy, I had a blood clot, but I also had a very successful pregnancy on bedrest. to answer your questions

    1. 6 weeks - 32 weeks
    2. I started light and it got pregressivly heavier, like a light AF
    3. Started brown, and became red- pink, ended brown
  • spaceygirl 12-15-04 | 05:42 PM
  • I hope all is well with your baby....I spotted some with this pg but had an u/s and the baby was fine. I am now 5 months and have had no spotting. Good Luck! I will pray for you and the baby.