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Im 17weeks Pregnant!!!!

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  • Monica2015 04-26-15 | 02:41 AM
  • Im so curious is it perfectly normal for me not to feel my baby move at all!!!!
  • Mary8871 07-04-15 | 01:48 AM
  • It's ok I find out when I was 7 months I was in my period and he never move if u a rekax chick that's why
  • Stemed83 08-23-16 | 06:01 AM
  • I guess it is okay.
  • Lisaclark123 08-21-17 | 02:45 AM
  • Hi first of all welcome for your good news of pregnancy. This is unforgettable moment of life in every woman’s life. You should celebrate this golden opportunity in your life to complete your dreams into reality with happy healthy baby gift that fulfill your life with brightness and happiness. This is very difficult situation to handle stress and depression during pregnancy. I am here for you to provide valuable information to clear all your doubts in easy and effective way on behalf of my personal life experience that is very beneficial for you in many ways. I am feeling happy to help you to solve your problem during this unremarkable moment of your life. I wish to God to provide happy healthy baby gift in your life like me. It is dream of every woman to have a healthy baby gift. I am one of the lucky women who have baby boy. Now we are living happy and healthy life. I hope you got maximum benefit from my advice.
    It is the best idea to make proper planning from first day to manage pregnancy in proper way. It is the best idea to maintain your body hormone level in balance with balanced diet that is very necessary to consume valuable no nutrition in exact amount to work smoothly for your reproduction system. You should use Healthy lifestyle that is very necessary to maintain your Body Works properly in genuine way that is very profitable for you in pregnancy. You should consume rich iron and fiber food to maintain high hemoglobin level in blood to get easy pregnancy. You should be aware about each and every step to get maximum benefit in short time period. I hope you get to good news soon.
  • g4408380 09-08-17 | 10:41 AM
  • Hi dear. I had a child too and I know how lovely it feels to be a mother of a child. When he or she calls you mom with a smile you can feel all the joy of the world in your ears. It feels really good to share your joy with others as I can see you are doing the same in this public forum. You should be feeling your baby move every day at this point. Some days she may be more active than others, but you should feel her move regardless. You should try what someone else suggested, have a glass of OJ or something sugary and then lay on your side on the bed for about 30 minutes. You should feel her move in that time. If not, call your doctor! And honestly, I think this is something every pregnant woman worries about, so don't worry about what people will think, if you're worried, go to the doctor, I prefer gynecologist from Ukraine and have them hook you up to the monitor and get some peace of mind.

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