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To Induce or Not?

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  • CoriAnn 11-04-08 | 10:08 PM
  • Has anyone asked thier ob about inducing with thier 1st baby? I wanted to ask her at my 33wk visit how she felt about it? Is this something u ask or not? Im kinda scared to ask...idk why..
  • illaheebaby 11-04-08 | 11:35 PM
  • you shouldn't be afraid to ask, this is your pregnancy and labor!

    why/what do you want to ask? with my first pregnancy i wanted everything to happen naturally and when my body and baby were ready, but in the end i had to be induced because my blood pressure was going up up up. also, because of blood pressure, i had to have an epidural. in the end i gave birth vaginally, but there is an increased risk of cesarean if you induce and/or have a epidural. i personally didn't want that because i didn't want to be recovering from major abdominal surgery on top of taking care of a newborn! (ultimately, though, healthy baby and mommy was my main goal, no matter how i got there!)

    good luck with your doctor!
  • Laurie Laurie's Avatar 11-04-08 | 11:38 PM
  • You have quite a while yet to go! First babies are not usually induced until you hit 41.5 weeks...unless there are complications, of course.
  • TLBT TLBT's Avatar 11-08-08 | 02:18 PM
  • i was induced at 37 weeks, my bp was high too, i ended up w/a c-section (it went well and I healed and recovered quickly) My chances were def higher b/c I was induced that I would end up w/a section, but in all honesty, the baby was "sunny side up" so if he was like that when I was in labor, I probably would have ended up w/a section anyway - to induce b/c you want to set a date is probably not a good idea, but if its medically necessary, then so be it
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 11-08-08 | 02:50 PM
  • I was induced at 37w3d with my first and 37w exactly with my second because of blood pressure issues. Both deliveries were vaginal.

    What is your reasoning for wanting induction?

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