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induction question (for those who have been there and done that)

induction question (for those who have been there and done that)

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  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 10-10-05 | 07:44 PM
  • I would have posted this on the Labor and Delivery board, but it's pretty dead so I doubt I'll get any responses there. Hope you don't mind my posting here.

    Has anyone here had an induction, and if so
    what are your thoughts on it? I'm nervous, scarred, and excited all in
    one about the prospect. I was supposed to have been induced with Joey
    1wk after my due date, but she ended up coming on her own that morning
    and I didn't have to have the induction. My labor was a really easy 5
    1/2 hrs from start to finish, and I soooooo want to have that experience
    again. I'm scared that if I'm induced and my body isn't ready that I'll
    be stuck in labor and in pain for a long time. Because this is my second
    baby though my doctor said he didn't think it would make much difference
    as far as my labor was concerned if I was induced or baby came on her
    own. The convenience factor of knowing when to have my mum and dh
    take off work is the upside to the whole induction thing, plus I know
    I'd not be in the hospital over Halloween. (YAY) But even that doesn't
    alleviate my nervousness. Part of me wonders if I should call my ob's
    office and cancel the induction and just let nature take its course.
    Granted he'll only let me go a week over so even if I did cancel the
    scheduled induction for 10/25, if baby didn't arrive by then on her own
    I'd just be rescheduled for an induction the following week. That would
    still give baby more time to make it out on her own, but wouldn't rule
    out me having to be induced. YKWIM?

  • spunkie1976 spunkie1976's Avatar 10-10-05 | 08:39 PM
  • I just had my first child in May, I was induced. They say induced labor is more painful, but I *think* that it's because they get right on with getting you into an active labor pattern. No real waiting around. For me it was get hooked up to pitocin at 5:05, break water at 7:00 by 9-9:30. I really was starting to hurt. If it wasn't for the urge to push, I'd say labor was a piece of cake. I have nothing to compare the labors too though. I didn't mind being induced, since my b/p spiked the day I was induced. I'm not sure what else to tell you, if you aren't comfortable with being induced, don't do it. Just wait it out. You may have one that comes earlier on it's own.

    that you can avoid it again
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 10-10-05 | 09:13 PM
  • I would keep your induction date, My water broke and labor started for #1 & #2, now #3 was another story my water broke but contractions wouldn't start, o yeah this was on tuesday and i was scheduled to be induced on friday. so they let us sit around with nothing happenng from 6 am til noon and then started pitocin, if i were to have to compare my 3 labors they were all about the same pain wise pushing was different #1 took 30 min #2 was sunny side up he took about 2 + hours and #3 i couldn't get control mentely but she was out in 5 pushes once i did a total of about 45 mins with her GOOD LUCK!! Like i said i would keep the schedule as she may decide to arrive before then anyway
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 10-10-05 | 10:04 PM
  • Thanks to both of you for sharing your stories and advice. The more I talk to people about this the more comfortable I seem to be getting with the idea of being induced. Especially since this isn't our first and convenience wise this would be sooooo much easier. I'm thinking I'll just leave things as they are, and then if baby arrives on her own earlier so be it. If not, however, then I know that I should be meeting her on my induction day of 10/25.

    I'm also strongly consider having a prenatal massage and having my induction points worked a few days before my due date/induction date. I've heard great things about this from a friend locally, so I figure it can't hurt to try plus even if the induction points don't do anything for me I'll still be getting an awesome massage.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 10-11-05 | 12:02 PM
  • I answered you on another board, but in a nutshell, I'd keep it as natural as possible. It's easier on BOTH of you.

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