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Interviewing a midwife

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  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 09-16-05 | 11:19 AM
  • What questions would you ask if you were looking for a MW?
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 09-16-05 | 12:35 PM
  • I would ask what OB she works closely with, does she do homebirths or just birth center births? How many years has she been delivering babies and how many births has she attended? Those are for starters - I'll keep thinking.
  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 09-16-05 | 10:17 PM
  • good questions Tracy!

    here's my list.....

    How did she become a midwife?
    What training has she had?
    Is she certified or licensed with any organizations?
    Does she belong to any midwifery organizations, attend conferences and workshops, subscribe to professional journals?
    What is her basic philosophy of childbirth?( including at what point does she arrive)
    How many births has she attended as the primary midwife?
    Does she handle higher risk situations, such as twins or breeches?
    What is the fee for her services, how must it be paid, what does it include?
    What kinds of services are included in prenatal care? (early detection of problem areas for the mother and baby; nutrition information; exercise recommendations; in-home care; recommendations for parent education via books, videos, or classes)
    Does she work with another midwife or assistant at births?
    What does she do if there are two births at the same time?
    How do you reach the midwife? Does she have a pager allowing 24-hour access?
    How does she handle problems or complications that might develop during labor?
    What standard and emergency equipment does she carry? What herbs or medicine does she use? Which ones does she not carry and why?
    Does she have any affiliation with a physician who can answer unusual questions either during the pregnancy or in an emergency?
    What is her policy for transporting to a hospital?
    What medical facility would she use? Has she developed a good working rapport with them?
    What kind of postpartum care does she provide (frequency of baby checkups, assistance with nursing)?

    if interested in sure to ask if she has attended any. along with any other questions associated with waterbirth.
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 09-17-05 | 11:19 AM
  • Wow, great questions ladies. Thank you.
  • akchic akchic's Avatar 09-17-05 | 01:23 PM
  • What kinds of things will she teach me about to help me get through the labor and birth? Is there a class? What books does she recommend I read?

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