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  • Sharon E. Perez 10-12-18 | 12:56 AM
  • Hello,
    Myself Sharon.I'm working as a school teacher in Toronto. My family consists of my hubby and 1-year-old son, Sam. We are going to have a new member to our small family. Everyone is excited and waiting for the new one. My husband, as well as my little Sam, is taking care of me like a baby. I'm so happy to have them. This is my first month and doctor told me to avoid traveling and take rest as my body is weak. He suggested me to walk a little. So we are planning to move to another apartment which has a walk-able distance to my school.
    We searched a lot and found one. The apartment is good and has got all types of facilities. Now, we need a cleaning service team, who can do it both professionally and reliably.
    We searched a lot and one of my hubby's friend suggested about the
    . We don't have much idea about this services.
    Friends, do anyone knows about these services? Are they affordable? Are they professional and reliable? Will they charge special prices?