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Low Fluid ??? (same info as Due in Nov.)

Low Fluid ??? (same info as Due in Nov.)

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  • *Lisa* *Lisa*'s Avatar 09-25-04 | 07:35 PM

    I got a call at work yesterday morning from the dr. office about my u/s that I had late thurs. afternoon b/c i was having a real decrease in movement. They said my amnio fluid is low and they want me back tuesday AM for a biophysical profile u/s to see what the story is and possibly send me to the hospital for a more detailed scan and tests. They said it may be that she is not peeing!! It all kind of makes some sense to me now that they called me b/c at the u/s the tech kept taking pics of her kidneys and bladder and spent a lot of time looking at it...then she said she was measuring the fluid but never said anything about it... When i went to leave she had 3 pics laying out and handed them to me...then she took back one b/c she said it was a kidney picture that "i wouldnt want" .... She was also acting a bit weird during some of the scan, which is unlike her as I know her and we are quite friendly...we are usually chatting away and she tells me every little detail of my scans. So I am worried to say the least. The nurse is so sweet and said...we see this a lot, not to worry...its fine, just a little low.... yada yada...she knows I am easily worried given all the problems I have had. On the up side...IF they needed to take her even earlier than expected at least i have had the steriod shots so her lungs should be AOK.

    ughhhh if its not one thing its another right ! DH is worried, he is taking tuesday off to be there. I have a regular appt that AM too which is why they are doing the u/s then so they can evaluate right away.
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 09-26-04 | 09:10 PM
  • I had this toward the end of my pg with my dd. My Midwife advised me to drink COPIOUS amounts of water (NOT POP, water, tea, milk, etc. but WATER). She told me to drink so much that I needed to pee about once every 20-30 minutes, and I did. I then went for another u/s and the fluid level was 100% normal!!
    DRINK MORE WATER - It REALLY does help.