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Melanie (Valleygirl)

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  • Linda Linda's Avatar 12-16-04 | 02:28 AM
  • How was your appt??
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 12-16-04 | 02:37 AM
  • Thanks for thinking of me.
    My appt went great. We have a heartbeat!
    I go back in 2 weeks and get another u/s the baby will be bigger (8weeks) and we will be able to get a good measurement.
  • Linda Linda's Avatar 12-16-04 | 02:38 AM

    AWESOME! I am so happy for you!!!

    so who did your U/S?
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 12-16-04 | 02:41 AM
  • My OB he has an u/s machine in his office. He can do a regular u/s or the trans-vaginal, which is what he did today. It is pretty much the only way to see something at 6 weeks. Who is your OB? Are you seeing a specialist?
  • Linda Linda's Avatar 12-16-04 | 02:47 AM
  • My OB is Dr. Lichtenstein. I do see Dr. Helm for my U/S. as a matter of fact I am going to see Dr. Helm again on 12/28 and I see Lichtenstein tomorrow. Dr Lichtenstein has one of those vaginal ones too. with this pregnancy he'd always use it at the begining to be sure.