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NO successful preg. - HELP!

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  • Teresa1107 03-28-16 | 01:43 PM
  • This is my 4th time being pregnant I am only 4 weeks along. I have had no successful pregnancies so far. One of my miscarriages was actually an intrauterine fetal death at almost 5 months. About 4.5 years ago, I had stage 1 cervical cancer it has since been taken care of. I have been told by 3 different doctors that it would be nearly impossible to get pregnant/carry a baby to term.

    I was able to get an appt pretty soon but I REALLY need some advice on how to carry this baby or anything helpful!!

    Also, can I eat poppy seed muffins? I am dying to eat it, but obviously nervous to do anything wrong.

  • Duddin1 05-17-17 | 06:53 PM
  • God knows your desires and you will carry this baby all the way in Jesus mighty name!!
  • Lisaclark123 08-21-17 | 02:56 AM
  • Hi welcome friend at this open online forum. I am so sorry for your miscarriage problem. I want to express kind heart thanks to God to provide me enough energy and power to handle this horrible situation with positive attitude. It is complete God wish you have to obey her rule with strong wish. I also faced miscarriage problem in my life this is demon who prevent dream into reality with the help the healthy baby gift in life. It is not easy job to handle this miscarriage problem without stress and depression. It is medical proven fact that stress and depression are responsible for miscarriage problem. You should understand importance of stress management in easy and effective way. I am here for you to understand your problem to provide maximum help that is valuable for time and money in many ways.
    It is the best time period to understand your difficulty. You should understand your body signal very well. Your miscarriage problem clearly indicates that your body hormone level is not in balance. You should not miss this golden opportunity in your life to making proper planning in advance to defeat infertility problem. You can make your body and mind balance with yoga and meditation. You can start easy yoga and meditation in starting and go higher level to enjoy maximum benefit in limited time period that is very beneficial for you in long term. The second most effective methods to manage your body hormone level in balance with balanced diet that is very necessary to sit and sleep in right posture to defeat miscarriage problem in professional way. I hope you get sufficient in information to enjoy a baby gift as soon as possible like me.
  • sonamgupta2107 09-20-17 | 12:42 PM
  • Hi dear. I am sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in December. My Baby was supposed to be 8 weeks old; the first ultrasound I had was at 6 weeks and my baby looked fine I saw the little heartbeat. During the following weeks I was feeling pretty awful, morning sickness tired and nauseated so, to be honest, I was feeling pretty confident my baby was growing and everything was fine. sadly this is called a missed miscarriage where my body had not acknowledge the loss. Even though I knew there was a percentage of having a miscarriage, honestly I never thought I would have one. nothing prepares a marriage for something like this, all of our hopes, dreams, and love were with our baby, and after Dec 21st they were all gone. I’m not ashamed of telling people what happened, and I don't feel guilty I know I did the best that I could. This whole experience has thought us so much and we will keep learning. life will never be the same, I will always have my first baby in my heart. I am so grateful I have my husband with me and he is my #1 support, my family, and friends who have been very there. I am not a very religious person but after this, I can only turn to God and hope my baby is with him and there was a bigger reason why this happens. After some days my husband took me to Lotus Center in Ukraine. They did a thorough checkup and gave me a lot of tips and motivation. I thank them really as I am pregnant again. I hope my experience will help any woman reading it. Happy motherhood to all. Be safe and stay blessed.
  • dazzyshahu 09-21-17 | 03:31 AM
  • Hi friend, I can understand your problem in easy and effective because I also face same problem like you in last December. This is very horrible problem and not easy to handle without stress and depression. I am feeling pain due to your miscarriage problem. I want to pray God to provide sufficient energy to handle this difficult situation in easy way. You should not lose hope. It is time to handle this difficult situation with positive attitude towards life that provides sufficient energy in positive way. We consult with the popular gynecologist of Ukraine to get a permanent solution of my problem. We try many effective methods but all is vein.
    You should be very informative to overcome all pregnancy related issue at early stage that create win-win situation for you to enjoy your maximum benefit in short time period with healthy baby gift that fulfill your whole life with happiness like me. You should not miss this golden opportunity to take maximum benefit on behalf of my personal life experience. This is medical certified fact that stress and depression are major responsible factors for miscarriage problem. You can easily handle this is stressful situation with effective yoga and meditation that is most popular and reliable way to overcome this difficult situation to provide full relaxation body and mind. You should understand the importance of healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. It is stress in your life that creates many major problems during pregnancy. You should maintain high hemoglobin level in your blood with folic acid and rich iron food to conceive effectively and learn from your past mistake to overcome this horrible problem in short time period. I am waiting for your reply to hear good news soon.

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