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Post-partum bleeding

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  • SoccerPlayerMom 07-22-12 | 10:27 PM
  • An unexpected exerience for first time moms is the post-partum bleeding.

    I have low levels of iron so my doctor kept insisting I take extra iron supplements during pregnancy because I might need that extra blood during birth. It was never a clear picture to me, though, until I had a chat with a new mom. She said, there's blood after birth, a lot of it, for days. So much so that normal pads are useless, and I would need hospital grade pads.

    I'm planning to give birth in hospital so I have at least a measure of relief that I wouldn't have to deal with the scare by myself. But I can say that I'm not looking forward to this aspect of giving birth, or starting to have periods again afterwards.
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 07-22-12 | 11:16 PM
  • Well, no it's not pleasant, but it really isn't so bad. I have had 2 c-sections and even with those you have some after-birth bleeding, but just not as heavy or for as long. You just have to change your pad a few more times than you may normally. I haven't had any friends experience any embarrassing accidents in that aspect. And if you give birth vaginally, hopefully a wise friend will bring you a gift bag of extra Tuck pads and numbing spray; they are wonderful for the soreness afterwards (and yes, I have been that wise friend, lol!)

    Oh, and if you decide to breastfeed, most women do not get their period while nursing so you could really go much longer without it! But when it comes back, it may be different. (the flow, the symptoms, the duration, etc)
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-23-12 | 05:52 PM
  • I have incredibly low levels of iron during pregnancy. I end up on 4-6 daily iron supplements with my pregnancies. I had a very scary (and rare) birth complication with my second pregnancy which led to excessive blood loss. And this resulted in some unusual treatment after my third delivery, too. And after both of those, I was able to use Always Overnight pads. I have what would be classified as "postpartum hemorrhage" and I'm given hemabate injections after deliveries but these pads still work for me. I never need special "mattress-sized pads" that they use in the hopitals once I come home. I used in the hospital what they provided (the Mamma Jamma ones they have there work for the initial hours immediately following) but once I was home, it was fine to use the Always Overnights.
  • SoccerPlayerMom 07-23-12 | 11:25 PM
  • Thanks ladies, that's good to know.

    I had to google Tucks pads but I'm so getting a pack for my hospital bag
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 07-23-12 | 11:50 PM
  • Grab some Colace while you're at it. The hospital stool softeners never work well enough. Add some of your own Colace and you'll thank me later. Hard (pardon the pun) lesson learned with my first delivery. I didn't make that same mistake with my other two deliveries.

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