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Preparing The Nursery

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  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 12-01-04 | 10:07 AM
  • [size=6]The Essentials[/size]
    [size=4]Crib : A safe, comfortable place for your baby to sleep until the age 2 or 3.[/size]
    [size=4]Crib mattress & waterproof cover: A cushioned surface for sleeping plus protection from moisture, dust, and odors.[/size]
    [size=4]Crib Sheets (2-3): Soft, fitted sheets that stay safely tucked around the crib mattress.[/size]
    [size=4]Crib Bumper: Helps prevent head bumpb and keeps arms and legs from getting caught between slats.[/size]
    [size=4]Changing table & pad: reduces back strain by placing your baby at just the right height.[/size]
    [size=4]Changing table pad cover: A washable cover that keeps your baby comfy during diaper changes.[/size]
    [size=4]Receiving blankets (2-5): For swaddling, added warmth, burp cloths, and even protection from sun or wind.[/size]
    [size=4]Clothing: Undershirts, stretchy sleepers, socks or booties, hat, sweater or jacket.[/size]
    [size=4]Baby Monitor: Lets you keep tabs on your baby from any room in the house.[/size]
    [size=4]Towels & washclothes (2-3): Perfectly sized and soft against a baby's delicate skin.[/size]
    [size=4]Diapers: Stock up -- newborns go through 10 to 12 diapers per day.[/size]
    [size=4]Wipes & creams: To gently cleanse, moisturize, and protect your baby's sensitive diaper area.[/size]
    [size=4]Night-light: Lets you check on your baby without turning on a bright light.[/size]
    [size=4]Diaper disposal: A convienient, sanitary, mostly odorless way to dispose of diapers.[/size]
    [size=4]Pacifiers: A safe way to satisfy you baby's need to suck.[/size]
    [size=4]Electrical outlet covers: Te keep curious fingers and small objects out of wall outlets.[/size]
    [size=4]Bouncy Seat: A safe, portable seat to hold your baby.[/size]
    [size=6]Nice Extras[/size]
    [size=4]Bassinet or cradle: Offers the snug sense of security newborns love.[/size]
    [size=4]Bassinet or cradle sheets (2-3): Fitted sheets are a must for your newborn's safety.[/size]
    [size=4]Soothing crib accessories: Designed to relax your baby with heartbeat sounds, music and, more.[/size]
    [size=4]Moses basket: Aportable, safe place to sleep that's great for outings.[/size]
    [size=4]Glider & ottoman: Offers a relaxing spot to nurse, rock, or cuddle with your baby.[/size]
    [size=4]Wearable blanket (2): A cozy sleeper that can't be kicked off.[/size]
    [size=4]Baby Swing: Gently rocks and soothes your baby.[/size]
    [size=4]Wipes warmer: Prevents the shock of a cold cloth on your baby's bottom.[/size]
    [size=4]Portable CD player: Great for playing soothing lullabies.[/size]
    [size=4]Burp Cloths (2): To protect you clothes from drool and spit-up.[/size]
    [size=4]Sleep positioner: Positions you sleeping baby safely on his back.[/size]
    [size=4]Mobile: Entertains while helping your baby learn to focus on objects.[/size]
    [size=4]Rattles & other toys: To develop grasping skills & stimulate your baby's hearing.[/size]