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Question about taking a Pg test.....

Question about taking a Pg test.....

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  • Linda Linda's Avatar 11-04-04 | 01:08 AM
  • I tested 7 days after conception and it was sooo faint you could bearly see it.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 11-04-04 | 02:13 AM
  • I tested + 11 DPO with DD, but it was more like 18DPO with DS
    I know how hard it is to wait, but if you really wanna know without a false negative, then you should wait until AF is late.
  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 11-04-04 | 03:21 AM
  • Thanks for all of your advice. It is really driving me crazy having to wait. As it stands now I only have a week left to wait, but all the symptoms are there I'm actually hungry I had Jack-in-the-box for dinner and I am still
  • Jenn22 Jenn22's Avatar 11-15-04 | 09:44 PM
  • Well, bad news everyone. I took a pg test and it said that I wasn't pgnt. so now that I am through my cycle we are going to start again. It seems so much easier to get pgnt when you're not TTC then when you are...kinda