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the sex of your baby..

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  • PariBbbb PariBbbb's Avatar 07-12-09 | 04:49 PM
  • My 1st 2 pregnancies my wise mother told me i was having boys because i was "carrying low", apparently this is an old wives tale and theirs no proof to it but she turned out to be right both times, first pregnancy i left it as a surprise, i suppose it was because it was my first, the second i didnt even get to choose my OB/GYN came out with "he looks healthy and happy"at my scan...surprise ruined

    this time around i wanted to find out, mother predicted a girl and again for the third time she was right, i even felt it was a girl!
    lots of m/s this time round compared to none with the boys!, i think if i have any more i will leave it as a surprise not knowing was the most fun!