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Should I consult with a High risk OB?

Should I consult with a High risk OB?

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  • becky2 becky2's Avatar 03-03-05 | 04:21 PM
  • I was recently diagnosed with Cholestasis of Pregnancy or Obstetric Cholestasis. Does anyone else have this? I am just wondering what your doctor is doing for you. I am at 31 weeks this week and am now being checked once a week. The Dr. plans to do an amnio at 37 weeks to cheek lung development of the baby. I will probably push for 36 weeks as I thought they want you delivered by 37 weeks to help prevent stillbirth? I am also on heparin for blood clotting issues but my Dr. has not put me on vit. K supplements because he feels I don't need them. I thought this was something that I needed to prevent hemeraging in me and baby. Has yours??? Anyway, I guess I am just second gussing my small town doctor and wonder if I should be going to #### and checking with a specilist to see if they would do anything differently or if all is well and I am just overreacting.?
    Any info would be great!
    Thanks, Becky
  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 03-06-05 | 04:29 AM
  • I would consult with a high risk ob or perinatalogist. I don't think it hurts to make sure that your doctor knows all the angles. this is a serious condition for both you and your baby, but with proper treatment, you'll have a great outcome. this website offers information and support from moms who have been there

    wishing you all the best!
  • mom2nj 03-06-05 | 08:44 AM
  • I agree, I think it never hurts in such a situation.

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