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Siblings watching birth

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  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 09-29-04 | 03:51 PM
  • Has anyone or does anyone plan to have their younger children attend the birth of their next child? At what age do you think a child should watch this? Do you prepare in any special way for it?
  • Marilyn 10-01-04 | 12:01 AM
  • I think after the age of 10 or so I wouldn't mind if they wanted to watch. I definately wouldn't force them, but if they wanted to I wouldn't see no harm it it kwim?
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 10-12-04 | 09:15 AM
  • This is an issue I have thought a great deal about. I want my son to be there (in theory) because it is such a big family moment. But he is only 3 and 1/2. What if he gets scared, etc.. I don't want to scar him for life. The doctor and I talked about it at length at my last appointment. He thinks having him nearby is better at this age than in the room. That way if anything happens DS is out of the way and sheltered. I guess I will wait and see when labor begins, when baby is ready to enter the world, how I am managing the pain, what sort of mood DS is in. I won't get him out of bed at 4 am or anything and I won't force him to be in the room. I just don't want my delivery to be open to the public (or my in-laws) and I'd need someone at the hosp. to help DS if he wanted out. I just dunno!
  • bjlmom bjlmom's Avatar 10-15-04 | 01:49 AM
  • I don't think my 23 month old is quite I think at that point it may stress ME out...
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 10-15-04 | 02:40 AM
  • One of the ladies in our Bradley method childbirth class brought her son with her to the classes to see the videos of women giving birth. I think he was about 4. He saw so many videos so he was prepared when his sister was born. They had a relative nearby to take care of him if he got too distressed and needed to leave.