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sleepless night

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  • babyMarksMom babyMarksMom's Avatar 11-16-04 | 04:04 AM
  • very anxious about my appt tomorrow. they'll be doing another ultrasound to check my little one's heart. I just dread getting any more bad news.
    so tonight I am pacing instead of
  • froglegs froglegs's Avatar 11-16-04 | 06:53 AM

    Thinking of you Brenda. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow...
  • PaigeL PaigeL's Avatar 11-16-04 | 06:37 PM

    ing for you!
  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 11-17-04 | 03:56 AM
  • Ohh sweetie... I can totally understand why you are feeling the way you are, but you know that you have to sleep so that emotionally and physically you can deal with whatever news (honestly good OR bad) you receive. Have a nice cup of Chamomile tea and TRY to sleep. You need the rest..
    the news tomorrow is good.