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  • irockcuzimbre 07-17-08 | 06:59 AM
  • i am a new mommy , my due date is oct 14th,
    i am only 18 years old and i am terrified of giving birth.
    i dont know what to do i am totally stressing myself out about my daughters arrival.
    the doctor says she is a healthy normal sized child with no problems so far which makes me estatic but the thought of giving birth terrifies mother had a grand maul seziure 7 days after i was born and it brain injured her for life until she past away may 10th 2006....i am almost certain thats why i am so scared,....please anybody who has any advice or just has anything to say at all, please get abck to me!
    thank you so much
  • Heidi1361 Heidi1361's Avatar 07-17-08 | 07:33 AM


    So sorry to hear of your moms passing.

    I think EVERYONE is nervous about giving birth the first time!! I can see why you'd be extra nervous considering your age, and your mothers history.

    I assume you've told your OB/GYN about what happened to your mom... and I know they'd be extra cautious & keep an extra close eye on you due to that!!

    But the fact is, that you will most likely be JUST FINE!! Childbirth will start & end... usually in just one day or part of one. There is a "finish line" to look forward to & what a great "prize" you'll get in the end!!

    Do you have someone to support you during labor?? Boyfriend/husband, maybe an aunt or friend??

    Welcome & best of luck to you!
  • jillrn jillrn's Avatar 07-17-08 | 01:40 PM
  • Come join us on the Due date boards! We will help you thru this!! I am due 10-10!

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