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TTC - Piles like symptom - CD 26

TTC - Piles like symptom - CD 26

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  • Monday 09-24-18 | 03:00 AM
  • Hello lovely ladies,

    We are TTC for the past 6 months. My cycle is a perfect 28 day-cycle. Since DH was travelling a lot, we could have intercourse only on Day 7 and Day 14. So we did not have high hopes this month. But for last the 4-5 days, I'm feeling weird. It started with gassy-feeling in the night on CD 22. I had fever on CD 16-17, caught cold and sinusitis along with that. Cold and running nose persisted till CD 23. This is the longest cold infection I ever had. My breathing is still not normal. There has been over-salivation and nausea since CD 23 and it happens predominantly in the night. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night because of either gassy/ nauseating feeling. I feel bloated and constipated for the last 3-4 days. Have hardly struggled with constipation. To top it all, I felt strange around my anus after I pooped this morning. I found lumps and I had to push them back to my anus. I have been getting abdominal cramps as if I'm about to get my periods since CD 24. My back aches like hell and I get shooting pain in my legs too. My discharge keeps getting whiter and whiter. Because during my regular cycle my discharge is predominantly watery and colourless. I'm both worried and impatient now.

    Did anybody else have similar experience while TTC?
    Please help!

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  • Monday 09-24-18 | 04:53 AM
  • I'm becoming very restless. I'm new to this forum. Could someone please reply?