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Tummy Tuck anyone?

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  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 09-24-06 | 02:04 PM
  • Since Chandra's "apron" post I was wondering if any of you would consider a tummy tuck once you are done having kids. I have been losing weight and I can see that even after I lose weight I might never get rid of this pouch.
  • chwtoy 09-24-06 | 02:47 PM
  • after I am all done (we probably will only have one more...but that is in about a year when we start that process) I am going to have a boob lift and possibly a tummy tuck depending on what working out offers me....
  • texasgirlsmommy texasgirlsmommy's Avatar 09-24-06 | 07:48 PM
  • I don't know about the tummy tuck! My mom had it done and she said she wouldn't do it again if she had the choice! I will get implants once I am done having kiddos but thats a long ways away!
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 09-25-06 | 01:07 AM
  • I might consider it, years down the road. It's an expensive and major surgery, so it would have to be bothering me really bad to put myself through that. If I lost a lot of weight and felt that that was the only thing holding me back from feeling good about myself, then I would do it.
  • mom2nj 09-25-06 | 09:34 AM
  • oh I would love it but probably wouldnt do it. surgery scares me..