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Urgent -- Marilyn needs our help!

Urgent -- Marilyn needs our help!

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  • :domesticgoddess: :domesticgoddess:'s Avatar 12-01-04 | 07:09 PM
  • Ladies, we have a serious issue at hand and I want to put this out ASAP to all of you. Many of you know Marilyn here at TBC and know her personally as well. For those that don't, I am going to tell you some things that may shock you.

    Marilyn has begun the process of divorcing her husband (as many of you have read on the boards and know already). He is abusive and recently the abuse has kicked up substantially. I spoke with Marilyn this morning and she is quite shaken. I will let her choose whether or not to share specific details, but she is bruised and hurt and doesn't have the financial means to get out NOW. She has checked with the government agencies in her area and they won't aid her until she is moved out, which she cannot do until she has the money for a deposit on affordable housing across town! It's a catch 22 situation. She is looking into the Salvation Army and local churches, but I think her area is depressed financially and she's not having a lot of luck finding help. She called the police department and they won't be of any help to her at this point either for various reasons. She can't prosecute him basically until she and the boys have their own place to go or things may be worse for her than they are now.

    You have probably noticed that she hasn't been around much. Wyatt kicked her out last week. She went to live with her parents in their small home but after 5 days they had to ask her to leave as they have 6 people living in their home already. Wyatt is now limiting her computer usage and phone usage while he's home and when he's not home he often takes the computer keyboard and mouse to work with him so she can't look for help. I hope you can see that this situation is becoming more serious as the days pass. Abusive men often do these things to avoid being caught in their actions as the violence escalates.

    Marilyn is going to sell anything she has worth money to get out. She says she doesn't really have anything of value though and she feels so hopeless. She can get $50 for her wedding ring, which will help some, but we need your help.

    The Admin Team has decided that something needs to be done urgently to help Marilyn and her two little boys get out of this situation NOW. We are afraid for her and the boys. We are asking that you contribute monetarily for her to be able to afford her apartment's deposit of $285 plus utilities deposits. I really believe in my that if we all contribute a small amount, we can earn that EASILY. This is the exact season to help those around us, and one of our own TBC Mods is in desperate need of our help now.

    We have chosen to use my PayPal account to receive donations. If you're not familiar with PayPal and how it works, it's a FREE and secure way of sending money via the Internet. Many of you that shop on Ebay are already familiar with it. All of the money will be collected within a particular timeframe and then I will be sending a Money Order to Marilyn's parent's address for her safety. To sign up for PayPal, go to
    for more information. I can also answer any questions you have about this service. I have been using it for a couple of years now. PLEASE NOTE - *** If you are a Canadian resident, PLEASE remember to send donations in US dollars, or we lose a great amount of your donation due to the exchange rate.***

    My PayPal account is


    Send the money as "for goods" (other than Ebay) and we will know what it is. Everyday I will post a new total earned so that everyone can see where we are in earning the money we need.

    All funds coming into my account from today (December 1st) until December 8th will be donated to Marilyn. If you don't want to sign up for PayPal or use that service, I will take checks, but PLEASE make sure they are good and please send them IMMEDIATELY. I get charged $25 when I deposit a check into my account that bounces from someone else. If you would like to send me a check or Money Order for Marilyn, please email me for my address ASAP. My email addy is the same --

    If you have any questions at all or concerns, please don't hesitate to email or PM me. I understand the need to ask further questions before donating to this cause, if you have concerns. If you have any other concerns, please PM Liz, Terri or Erin about them.

    THANK YOU for taking the time to help in this serious situation. Every dollar will make a difference. You don't have to give a fortune - just give whatever you can and help make a difference RIGHT NOW. If you think your Church might be willing to help, please print this and pass it on to them. ANY help is greatly appreciated.
  • icerayn icerayn's Avatar 12-01-04 | 07:27 PM
  • I'll be sending some.
  • spongebob spongebob's Avatar 12-08-04 | 04:08 PM
  • is there an update on this? Can funds still be sent?

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