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  • BabyJune BabyJune's Avatar 09-22-05 | 09:16 AM
  • I am due in April and am heavily contemplating VBAC for my second delivery. Of course the nerve wracking part is the possibilty of uterine rupture. I was just wondering how you all were able to calm your nerves about this part, or was it constantly in the back of your mind during delivery?

  • grushlk grushlk's Avatar 10-04-05 | 01:07 PM
  • I had a vbac with my son in 2003, and I got through it by justing having faith that it would work, I was so focused on the labor and the delivery I hardly had time to worry. Now I did worry a little before the delivery, but I had a feeling everything would work out, and it did.
  • skyqueen skyqueen's Avatar 10-17-05 | 05:39 PM
  • I had a VBAC in Feb 2003.

    It seemed to me that my Dr really wanted me to have a VBAC instead of another C-section.
    I think it was mostly because of this that I didn't really fret about the problems.
    The documentation on the risks that they have to give me (so I can make an informed decision) all made it sound like there was no medical reason for me to risk another c-section and that it statistically is safer to have a VBAC than the c-section.
    Those statistical facts put my mind at ease somewhat.

    I had marginal placenta previa with #2 and the placenta previa was complicated by the scarring from the previous c-sect.... the scarring was preventing the placenta from moving up like it normally does for women. Thus, it was a real race against the clock for that placenta and me. I just barely cleared being allowed for the VBAC when I did go into labor.

    I may have had a uterine rupture (not sure) but it happened AFTER the baby was born.
    Same complication from the placenta caused the complication after birth.
    The placenta had grown into the scarring of the previous c-section. So when I had to deliver the placenta, it sort of ripped back open the incision spot inside. I had uncontrolled bleeding and had to be rushed to the OR to be fixed back up. But Andrew wasn't in danger from that, and my problems were all things that were easily fixed with a needle and thread.

    I would proably have a VBAC again -- even after the complications. a vaginal birth is proven to be far more beneficial for the baby than a c-sect.
    That fact alone makes me think that if there's a chance... I should take it as the sum total benefits definately far outweigh the sum total risks.
  • BabyJune BabyJune's Avatar 10-19-05 | 01:27 PM
  • Thanks Ladies! I've been scouring for information all over. Right now I am leading toward a VBAC. My doc says I can decide right up until delivery, so I have a few more months yet to make the final decision.

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