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what ways do you know of to help get labor started

what ways do you know of to help get labor started

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  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 06-22-05 | 06:40 PM
  • I am so ready right now and i think DH and I have tried everything i have heard of. from
    when i can handel it (TMI WRNING) once i O I am done i have a contraction and can't get comfortable again for him to finish
    but I was able to let him finish every day this weekend. we have been going on walks nightly and i have taken the kids for walks/ bike ride during the day while DH is at work. Nipple stimulation, I can only do in the shower i have been leaking so bad i am affarid i might squirt and make a huge mess LOL and we went on a bumpy dune buggy ride thru the woods to the lake the weekend before last.

    is there anything else any of you know of other then spicy food as i have had heart burn so bad that this would not be an option. And at my appointment on friday (6-20) i was dialated 2-3 cm and 50% efaced.
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 06-22-05 | 09:13 PM
  • I did constant walking while drinking raspberry tea with both my girls, and it seemed to work within 2 days. have to drink a lot of tea tho. i dont know if it was the tea but i heard raspberry tea is one of the natural labor inductors.
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 06-22-05 | 10:40 PM
  • i had never heard about the tea but i will be checking our local grochery store tommorrow night if i'm still around ... thanks liz any one else have any thing
  • Valleygirl Valleygirl's Avatar 06-22-05 | 10:49 PM
  • Sorry I am of no help you are already further along than I was after 16 hours of labor, 8 of it on pitocin! Good Luck!!
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 06-23-05 | 01:17 AM
  • I was 90% effaced and 1 cm dialated a week before my dd was born. (She was born on the day of her next appt)
    My dh helped me get labor started. We had sex in the afternoon the day before she was born. I woke up at 1:00am in hard labor. Ctx about 2 min.apart. Sex worked so well getting labor started I had no slow build-up of ctx. They stayed that way the whole time.

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