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When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

When did you start wearing maternity clothes?

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  • spongebob spongebob's Avatar 01-03-05 | 03:27 PM
  • I'm still getting away with my ultra low-rise jeans as long as i don't have to sit for long periods - but maternity shirts have been a must for about 2 weeks now (must cover the belly!) - I'm too small for maternity pants even at just over 18 weeks, but a black pair of Yoga pants really come in handy... worn with the right shirts nobody knows they're stretchy exercise pants! - lol
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 01-06-05 | 07:02 PM
  • i just got mat pants last week 13 weeks i don't remember when with my other 2, but i had to get some now as my jeans wern't going to fit any longer. LOL and i hit the motherhood mat clearance rack and got a pair of kackies and a pair of jeans both under the belly for 13$ total how could i beat that.
  • Sheri Sheri's Avatar 01-06-05 | 07:19 PM
  • I think I've been wearing the mat pants since the very beginning- you know when you're all bloated and just can't get comfortable in reg pants?!!! I lasted a little longer with the shirts though- 3 or 4 months I think.
  • Patience Patience's Avatar 01-11-05 | 01:11 PM
  • I retired two pairs of regular jeans around 11 weeks, but am still clinging to my other 2 pairs that fit for now. If I eat a very large meal though the top button must be undone for comfort sake.

    Last time I started wearing mat clothes ASAP just because I wanted to for so long. This time I am hoding off for as long as possible. So far everything still fits. Usually for me around months I start popping out!
  • Dramatic1 Dramatic1's Avatar 01-11-05 | 01:40 PM
  • I'm 21 weeks and I STILL don't fit into mat clothes!! Its very frustrating because I bought larger sizes, but those are too big, too!! The other problem is that I'm short, so these larger sizes are also very long on me!
    It was suggested that I look at yoga pants though!

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