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"You can't have a homebirth, because..."

"You can't have a homebirth, because..."

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  • Jenivere Jenivere's Avatar 02-18-05 | 03:04 PM


    "Are you a good candidate for home birth? The reasons below are sometimes given to suggest that a woman should not plan home birth. Follow the links to assess the evidence for yourself, and to decide if home birth is still right for you. In some cases, you will be at higher risk of needing emergency intervention - or of your baby needing resuscitation. In other cases, the increased 'risk' is of slow progress - what you are 'risking' by planning a home birth is disappointment and inconvenience if you have to transfer to hospital, rather than risking your own or your baby's health.

    It is not up to me, or anybody else, to tell you that home birth is "too risky" for you because of your individual circumstances. We all have our own individual thresholds where we would decide that the benefits of having emergency facilities available outweigh the negative aspects and risks of hospital birth. Some women are better able to labour in a hospital environment than others - you will know better than anybody else just how the environment around you is likely to affect you in labour.

    The purpose of this website is to provide information to help you make the decision which is right for you, rather than making sweeping statements about whether certain categories of women "should" plan a home birth or not."
  • belle81 belle81's Avatar 02-19-05 | 01:25 PM

    Good article

    Here's another one about the safety of homebirth.
    Outcomes of
    elective home births: a series of 1.146 cases. J Reprod Med 1977;19(5):281-90.[web page lost to web entropy - please e-mail me if you come across this page anywhere on the web. Thanks.]
    Mehl, L., Peterson, G., Shaw, N.S., Creavy, D. (1978) "Outcomes of 1146 elective home births: a series of 1146 cases." J Repro Med.
    Neonatal Outcomes:

    In the hospital, 3.7 times as many babies required resuscitation.
    Infection rates of newborns were 4 times higher in the hospital.
    There was 2.5 times as many cases of meconium aspiration pneumonia in the hospital group.
    There were 6 cases of neonatal lungwater syndrome in the hospital and none at home.
    There were 30 birth injuries (mostly due to forceps) in the hospital group, and none at home.
    The incidence of respiratory distress among newborns was 17 times greater in the hospital than in the home.
    While neonatal and perinatal death rates were statistically the same for both groups, Apgar scores (a measure of physical well being of the newborn) were significantly worse in the hospital.


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