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our level II ultrasound Print Version

babyMarksMom 08-06-05 02:28 AM

our level II ultrasound
after six hours of tests, the doctors have decided that everything is perfect..except of course the missing forearm bones and arm deformity like her sister. and whoo hooo that's the best part! :cart2: we're having a baby girl :dancing:
dh has taken all this much harder than I have. I'm delighted to be having a girl :gbounce:

Valleygirl 08-06-05 09:30 PM

Congratulations on your little girl! Sorry Dh isn't as thrilled about it. I am sure once he has his little princess in his arms he'll forget all about wanting a boy. I am so glad that she is healthy. :grinjump:

babyMarksMom 08-07-05 02:27 AM

thanks sweetie! but maybe I should clarify...this baby probably has tar syndrome, which cannot be diagnosed in utero, but there are only a few causes for the missing forearm bones and because we have already had a child with the syndrome and with the odds, we can assume this baby will also be born sick. the first two yrs are usually pretty rough, but after that..the sky's the limit. but we don't have the extra stress of additional complications like Lily had. dh is upset and worried that I will lose another baby girl. I am not. we have a healthy son together so dh has the son he always wanted..he just wanted me to have the daughter I desire. I think he'll be fine by the time she gets here though, in a few weeks he'll probably be buying baby clothes and other stuff. our last pg, he really wanted one of those motorized strollers...I said no way! I bet he'll be talking about it again within 6 wks! :lol:

Valleygirl 08-07-05 01:34 PM

I see. Well hopefully since this baby doesn't appear to have the added complications Lily had everything will be just fine. I am sure Dh will come around. I can see him being worried about you and not wanting to see you go through any more pain. It is amazing to me sometimes how much Dh worries about me and how I am handling things. It sounds like you have a very good husband who loves his wife very much. :)

ChandyRae 08-08-05 12:48 AM

It's so wonderful that this baby doesn't have the heart problems that Lily had - and so great that it's a girl!!!! What can be done about the missing arm bones? I've never heard of that problem or of the syndrome itself. Congratulations on the great u/s results - though they're not perfect, they're much better than they could be!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes wonderfully for you. Enjoy it!! :)