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Does this mean I'm preganent Print Version

msyford 01-10-14 10:41 PM

Does this mean I'm preganent
Ok so I was suppose to get my period on Jan 7th and I still haven't gotten it. I had a Dr. Appointment and mentioned it to them and they decided to give me a blood test. Here are the results of my test. Does this mean that I am in fact prego. I can't contact anyone until Monday, but I wanted to know if anyone knows how to read this and if so how far along would I be?
Date Result Units Reference Range
01/10/2014 15:45:00 534 (#) MIU/ML <5

Dopey406 01-21-14 02:27 PM

If that 534 is your result, then yes, you're pregnant. Anything over 5 is considered positive.

Have you confirmed anything yet?

Tracy1985 05-12-14 06:49 PM

My husband and I had unprotected sex once during my high fertility time and day of ovulation im 4 days late but having some mild cramping some light milky discharge and some lower back pain. I just went to see my Dr just 6 days ago and he gave me a pregnancy test but it came out negative but that I might have to wait a couple weeks for it to come up on a test. Could I be pregnant?

mariaeastland 08-29-14 07:11 AM

Wow great, if it is so then it is a great news. I think you should start planning for baby.

Ayen 09-18-14 05:30 AM

hi there tracy, yes there is a possibility that you are pregnant. Let me also share with you a site that I've been using to track my ovulation period and I hope it could help you too, good luck.