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22yrs. 2nd baby. 9wks 4days. gained 7lbs. 168.

22yrs. 2nd baby. 9wks 4days. gained 7lbs. 168.

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  • hosanna.blasco 09-17-13 | 02:00 AM
  • Im a young mother. I am on my second baby now. Ny other is 3. I never really got my weight under control. Im 5 6 and I weigh 167/168 and im 9 wks and 4 days. I feel like I could eat all the dang time lol my last pregnancy I gained anywhere from 60 to 70. Help? I want personal advice. Certain foods and walking routines. Ive heard all the regular talk to a doctor stuff. Anyone have anything that worked for them specifically? Im already over weight
    Ps the boyfriend is 143 and 6 1. Looks great. Ugh. I feel terrible
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 09-17-13 | 02:57 PM
  • Hi! first, welcome to Baby Corner and congratulations on your pregnancy! I know how you feel! With my first pregnancy, I gained 70+ lbs (30lbs water), my second, I did better at 40 lbs, but it took me 13 years to get it off! I still have 7 lbs to go. My body doesn't like to loose weight either.

    Your only over by 3 lbs according to the calculator, which seems like a lot, but it's still OK. Are you sure it's not water weight? Have you been eating a lot of salty foods?

    What I suggest to prevent rapid or too much weight gain is to eat A LOT of fiber low in sugar. Sugar will just make you hungrier, and it really doesn't have a lot of nutrition in it and doesn't stay with you long. Eat whole wheat grains like whole wheat pastas, breads, rice for your carbohydrates. Do not eat anything enriched. Leave out the sugar and the salt. Foods have plenty of salt in them to give you your dietary needs. Keep sodium to below 2000mg per day. If you do eat a lot of salt, make sure you eat potassium and drink water along with it. Eat fiber with protein (meat egg whites, chicken, pork, fish, etc) - this will make you feel full for a long while, and help you control hunger. Baby Corner just published an article about a study that was done about eating fiber to control weight gain in pregnancy. This eating technique I used to lose the baby weight and believe me, it works!

    When you weight yourself, weight yourself at the exact same time every day under the same circumstances. If you weight yourself one day and you don't eat breakfast but then the next day, you do eat breakfast and had 12 ounces of water, your weight will increase, but you cannot judge your progress accurately.

    It might also be a good idea to track your calorie intake to get an idea of how much you should be eating.

    These are just some suggestions. I hope it helps. Don't worry too much though. You will gain weight. It's just the way it is. Love you body, and know the weight gain is only temporary! Just watch out for any RAPID weight gain like 10 lbs overnight because this is water weight and needs to be addressed by your doctor - this was my problem during my first pregnancy.
  • hosanna.blasco 09-17-13 | 07:39 PM
  • Thank you soo much!! That helps alot!! I will def try that out. I also applied for Food Stamps to help with purchasing the right foods for me and little one. Do you know anything about breast feeding? Like how many calories you lose and if it really does that much of a difference?
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 09-20-13 | 02:35 PM
  • You're welcome! I'm glad I could help. Yes, breast feeding will help you to lose weight. You would eat the same as in pregnancy. There a lot of articles on Baby Corner about this topic, so please feel free to browse around!
  • Ayen 01-25-15 | 08:46 AM
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